"Moms Day Off"

Mothers giving themselves a day off to celebrate raising tiny humans into functioning people.

“Moms Day Off” will be celebrating its third anniversary in 2023, but it really began 8 years ago in my home, says Stephanie Thorman. In 2015, I dreamed up a day called “Moms Day Off”—a party with no kids or spouses allowed. With two kids under 5, all I really wanted was a break!

I invited over 25 of my friends, hired a bartender and a caterer, bought festive pool floats, and made matching shirts and hats. It was amazing! Moms Day Off has since become an annual tradition in my home.

Four years ago, I decided to develop a similar business—but for other women and their circle of friends. I worked tirelessly on developing themed party packages and planned to launch MDO—the party brand— back in 2020. However, the pandemic quickly halted my plans. While the timing was unfortunate, it ended up being exactly what moms needed most at the time. It has since developed into a wildly fun, successful small business across Southern California. I’ve also launched a fun “mom gear” product line that’s been featured in two local retail stores.  

We’ve hosted multiple days of service for moms to be able to give back to their communities, and Moms Day Off now has a national yearly holiday, September 12th.  

In-home party-planning packages are now available for moms to celebrate and host their own MDOs. I'm on a mission to create a space for moms to take time for themselves, enjoy the community of women around them, and revel in their amazing accomplishments.

We are stronger together—and we deserve to be celebrated!

Next Mother’s Day Event:

5/7/23 Regal Cinemas, Yorba Linda

Moms Night Off—Movie Night

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