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Since their inception more than 50 years ago cosmetic medical procedures have become so mainstream today that women as young as 25 get them. 

“It’s really become more acceptable and the younger generation does it as preventive care,” says Sara Moore, who recently opened a new medical spa in Marlborough, Moore Wellness Solutions, at 16 West Road. 

As the name implies, Sara says her practice focuses on the overall health and wellness of her clients. 

“As a wellness center it’s about more than just medical aesthetics. My goal is really for people to have more self confidence. I think when they do, they put themselves out there more in their health and wellness journey because often short term fixes can help you make a significant lifestyle change.”

She opened Moore Wellness Solutions in November of 2020 - “In the midst of the pandemic,” she jokes. But doing so, she says, allowed her to focus on getting established and building the business. 

Moore Wellness Solutions is the only medical spa in Marlborough and its clientele comes from the community as well as several surrounding towns. Many of her clients are currently from Glastonbury, Sara says. 

Having her business just outside of the town actually works to the spa’s advantage, she says. 

“I think my clients enjoy getting out of the hustle and bustle of Glastonbury. And, while it’s an industry that’s become much more approachable and acceptable to many people, some clients still want to maintain a level of privacy.”

The growth of medical aesthetic treatments has taken the wellness industry by storm since arriving on the scene in the early 1990s as a way to blend traditional spa treatments with noninvasive medical technology. Today, medical spas can offer non-surgical, anti-aging treatments that were once performed only at a doctor's practice.

A certified nurse practitioner and medical care provider with more than 16 years of experience, Sara says she focuses on treatments that support both physical and emotional well-being. 

For instance, she offers customizable IV fluid treatments to target a variety of conditions, but they also can help boost how someone feels overall by providing essential vitamins and hydration that many people lack in their daily lives. 

“It just helps you to get the fluids your body needs to help operate at its peak. It gives you more hydration and makes you feel better. Some people do it monthly, some folks do it after a road race or if they’re coming off a vacation where they’ve done too much drinking or too much unhealthy eating.” 

Her spa offers a full roster of other medical aesthetic treatments, such as neuromodulators, which reduce wrinkles; volume enhancements with soft tissue dermal fillers; and collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, to rejuvenate tired dull skin.

The spa additionally has ultherapy treatments, the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure for lifting the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. 

Sara also offers a full line of pharmaceutical grade skin care products, vitamins and metagenics supplements.

“Everything I do here is very personal to me.  I’m not trying to carry the next popular thing you see on Instagram. Everything I carry, all the treatment services I provide and all the supplements I carry are all things I use myself in my own life.  They’re all high quality supplements and medical grade products.” 

Moore Wellness Solutions

16 West Road, Marlborough

email: moorewellnesssolutions@gmail.com


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