More than Just a Pretty Face

Experience More than Just a Pretty Face at Strother Dermatology and Laser Treatment Center

At Strother Dermatology, patients encounter a dynamic team of skin health professionals who have a deep sense of appreciation for fine arts. While visiting the clinic, one can't help but notice the fresh and innovative artwork that so beautifully decks the halls.

The abstract and conceptual paintings are courtesy of Ryan James Fine Arts and Dr. Strother's practice administrator, Jon Davis, who opted to join Ryan's rotating library. Strother Dermatology is presented with new artwork on a quarterly basis as a means to maintain the modern and contemporary ambiance guests have come to expect from this upscale clinic. Jon finds that this rotational schedule helps to keep the environment current and engaging for the patients and for the exceptional colleagues and professionals at Strother Dermatology.

In addition to his finely honed craft of dermatology, philanthropy and supporting the local artist community is also very important to Dr. Strother. The artwork adorning the walls of Strother Dermatology is unique and special to its creators, much like each patient's skin is a work of art and unique to the individual. The goal at Dr. Strother’s office is to effectively communicate with the patients and understand their wishes in order to arrive at the best solution and treatment together.

"My job isn't done until you understand exactly what's going on with your skin and how we are going to make it better." Dr. Sean Strother says.

Clients often identify with a special piece of artwork and inquire as to its source of origin then are delighted to discover that these pieces are available for purchase through Ryan James Fine Arts, which so graciously offers a 10 percent discount to Strother Dermatology clients. 

Strother Dermatology, 12911 120th Ave. NE, Unit G-100, 425.899.4144, StrotherDermatology.com
Ryan James Fine Arts, 11905 124th Ave. NE, 425.814.9500, RyanJamesFineArts.com

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