More Than Just Waxing

Three Cheers for Three Peers

Emily Andrews, Mariana Leake, and Brittany Alexander are three friends who cofounded Cheers Beauty in Las Vegas. The three had great synergy as coworkers, thanks to their similar work ethics and professional mindset. The three ambitious women previously worked together for nearly a decade. They became close friends and earned each other’s trust, so much so that after eight years, they decided to break out on their own and build a business. Cheers Beauty now provides reliable and high-quality services for its clients at competitive prices.

On the surface, Cheers Beauty is a business run by three passionate women whose expertise is in waxing. They are known for their expertise and attention to detail and work well together because they have similar waxing techniques and share a love for giving clients the best experience possible.

But Emily, Mariana, and Brittany do more than just waxing. Each of the ladies brings their own unique talent and approach to Cheers Beauty.

Emily takes great pride in being a wax expert who has worked to perfect her craft. She provides waxing, skin lightening, brow lamination, lash lifting, and brow and lash tinting. Emily said, “I try to create the best experience possible for you when getting serviced by me.”

Mariana is a bilingual esthetician who specializes in waxing. She is a great listener with an outgoing personality and boasts more than a decade of waxing experience. “I speak English and Spanish for anyone who needs a Spanish-speaking waxer. Waxing is fun, trust me!”

Brittany has been a licensed esthetician and wax specialist since 2008 and proclaims, “Once you get waxed by me, you will be hooked for life!” She provides waxing, lash lifting, and brow and lash tinting services.

All three ladies are perfectionists who genuinely desire to create great relationships with their clients. The combined experience, knowledge, and unique talents of each of the three business owners create a space where clients feel comfortable and know they will receive excellent service.

“We are grateful for each other as friends and business partners and for our clients who have shown us so much support this past year,” shared the trio. “Owning a business has allowed us to be more in control of our own lives and future. We have been able to spend more time with family and friends than ever before.”

To build on the sisterhood vibe at Cheers Beauty, the trio has created wax parties for groups that want to have fun with their friends, families, coworkers, or bridal party. Cheers Beauty’s wax parties allow groups to have a private celebration for two hours and get pampered with a waxing service while enjoying snacks and drinks. Partygoers have the option of choosing the area where they would like to get waxed.

The Cheers Beauty team encourages everyone, even beginners, to book an appointment with them. “It is normal to be nervous when trying waxing for the first time or to give waxing a second try after having a bad experience. We want to let people know that if they try us out, we will give them a positive experience that will keep them coming back.”

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