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The Smyrna Team

“The Smyrna Team”, a premier Keller Williams Real Estate team, is known around Smyrna as fun, professional and giving. Eddie Hudson, Tracy Gaudiano and John Zercher lead their team with over 60 combined years of experience in real estate. As they serve the Smyrna community, you will often hear them say “We don’t just sell real estate in Smyrna, we live here”. Every member of The Smyrna Team is committed to giving back to the community.


“We believe that along with helping people in the real estate market it is our obligation to help improve our city. We have found that our clients also love to give back to the community but don't always know where the greatest needs are, so we identify those needs and our clients really show up.” - Eddie Hudson

Tracy started the Path to Shine program at Norton Elementary in 2018, which is one of 18 locations in 10 counties across north and middle Georgia. Each week the team help tutor the kids, do fun activities as well as mentor them.  Memorable experiences between mentors and mentees, like petting a reptile, make a lifelong impact.


"I started the Norton Park Path to Shine program in 2018. The kids are amazing and several of them have been in the program from the beginning. This has allowed me to develop great relationships with the kids. My best friend Shelley Singer and her husband are volunteers with the program too. Shelley and I have taken on two of the sisters in the group and mentor them outside of the program. It is so rewarding when you see the kids progress." - Tracy Gaudiano

Eddie and Lori Clezie serve on the School Council at Green Acres Elementary. They also serve in as many projects as they can along with the rest of the team. The Smyrna Team traditionally adopts families for Christmas, donates to the uniform closet and helps organize the food pantry at Green Acres. Since Principal Ashley Mize started the food pantry, grades have improved. Children are no longer worried about whether they will be able to eat over the weekend.


"Community service has helped me to feel more connected to those around me both in Smyrna as well as my team members. I believe it has also helped me become more grateful for my blessings and to hopefully show examples of Jesus' love to others. Opportunities volunteering with children have been especially rewarding. They truly give so much joy in return!" - Lori Clezie

+Good Neighbors

"We live, shop, raise our kids… in this community. By serving those around us, we are just being good neighbors. - Chuck Hill


"I love volunteering at The Stonehaven School twice each month! Assisting the kindergarteners and 1st graders during their lunch helps to keep me grounded, reminds me to slow down, and enables me to appreciate everyone in our community - no matter how small." - Celeste Murray


"It was really an eye opener for me when I went to MUST Ministry and fed men, women and children dinner that were working on getting back on their feet. They were so grateful for this simple meal. It made me thankful of all that I have." - Donna Gaddy


"It makes me feel proud to work for a Company so focused on improving the Communities we serve. I personally love that we recycle at the office; Even behind closed doors, our Team is committed to making a difference. I feel so lucky to be able to surround myself with kind and giving individuals every single day working with The Smyrna Team." - Stephanie Earle


"It’s the reaction you get from the people you are helping. The smile on their faces and what it means them just gives that “feel good” feeling." - Sharon Gallagher


"I have lived in Smyrna my entire life. To watch this city grow has been exciting for me. I now have a family that will also grow up in Smyrna. To be able to get out and help this wonderful community means so much to me. Especially working with children. It teaches me how to show my children to be involved, love and respect the place we call home" - Alison Thomas


Statistics say, “Children with mentors are 55% more likely to enroll in college, 78% more likely to volunteer on a regular basis, and 130% more likely to take on leadership roles”.

Kids were coming to school on Monday crying and hungry, so starting the food pantry was a priority.

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