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Mortgage Loans

Local Team Dedicates Themselves To Helping Customers Become Homeowners

It’s no secret the Nashville real estate market has been on fire for quite some time. And for the sake of this analogy, the COVID-19 pandemic was the gasoline. Being the ‘it city’ certainly created a few challenges for many industries, with the mortgage loan industry being no exception to that rule. But luckily for Mark Rood, his love for people and his commitment to providing the best service to all of his clients, remain his focus, he proclaims, as the branch manager of Loan Depot in Franklin. 

With a booming housing market making the competition to win a housing bid even more fierce, Mark says he and his team get strategic on every front of the mortgage lending process. Understandably, buyers entering into the loan approval process can be very frustrated with the current challenges, but he says the Loan Depot team works to make the process as seamless as possible.

“We echo what the realtors are telling them, but we also take it a step further. We ask how we can position the offer, and we’ll also provide a letter showing our commitment to lend. At the end of the day, we want our clients to win,” he adds.

Mark says the biggest challenge is efficiency. "We want to offer every single person the same level of service, and we certainly want to make sure we get back to all inquiries.”

Given the nature of the job, Mark says he's constantly expanding his sphere and meeting new realtors. One way he’s able to combine work and play is with the game of golf. He says he tries to work in a meeting once a week on the golf course at The Governor’s Club. 

Originally from Florida, Mark admits he has no problem calling Tennessee home, after moving to Nashville in 2010. Aside from the recent Tennessee Titans heartbreak, Mark reveals he's a huge football fan who loves professional sports in general.

“Nashville is admirable and has so much to offer. I didn’t grow up with hockey, but I’m super into the NHL Predators now. The whole reason I got into the mortgage industry is because I wanted to work with the Nashville community,” he adds.

Mark and his team indicate they are committed to helping their customers navigate the sometimes overwhelming experience of becoming a homeowner; their attention to detail and dedicated customer service are bound to keep their clients happy.