Mosley Enterprises

Providing financial education through meaningful conversations

After recently retiring from fifteen years as an Army medic, Krystal Mosley founded Mosley Enterprises as a way to continue educating and having meaningful conversations with a variety of people. In both roles, Krystal’s focus has stayed on the overall well-being of individuals. “What those two fields have in common is that my bigger purpose is having conversations and educating people on things they might not have knowledge about and helping improve their fulfillment and livelihood,” says Krystal. “Specifically, my goal is help people get to the point where it’s okay to talk about finances and debt. I want to spread knowledge and instill confidence in people because people are afraid of finances.”

Through Mosley Enterprises, Krystal provides financial counseling and services for individuals including assistance with investments, credit repair, mortgage protection, and insurance services encompassing life, long-term care, and final expense/burial plans.

“The reason my services are so broad is because I’ve noticed that a lot of these go hand-in-hand and have a direct effect on one another,” explains Krystal. “For example, people want to be homeowners, but they don’t have the finances or the credit to qualify for a home. They don’t have the knowledge and education around those issues – so I provide all of that in order for them to fulfill their dream of being a homeowner.”

Krystal emphasizes that her services are not only for those having financial troubles. “Everyone can benefit from a consultation and a conversation,” says Krystal. “A lot of times people have the income and finances, but they don’t have the education… they don’t know where to put their money or that they have to plan for retirement (and start planning as early as possible). Sometimes people tend to believe that because they are financially sound, that they are okay for retirement, but that’s not necessarily true. For example, a lot of people don’t know about, or invest in, long-term care and if something happens, families are paying out of their personal pockets for long-term care when they could have had a plan.”

“It’s about finances but it’s not necessarily about the numbers,” adds Krystal. “It’s about people having the knowledge. Even if people don’t want or need life insurance or need help with Medicare or credit, I can still have those meaningful conversations to provide them the education that they might also share with others.”

For more information visit and to schedule a consultation with Krystal, contact her by calling 803-844-8030 or emailing

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