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The Biosphere Pool at Crystal Springs

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A Mother-Daughter Getaway

Memory-making trip across New Jersey -- and generations.

I've always maintained that there's no better place to live than New Jersey. I feel lucky to reside in the same state as my mother, and to have my daughters still living at home with me. New Jersey truly offers so many beaches, ski resorts, luxury hotels and vibrant nightlife to experience.

To celebrate our Women’s issue, I decided to take my mother to a luxurious getaway at The Reeds at Shelter Haven, followed by a special trip with my youngest daughter to Crystal Springs Resort. Both destinations were just a 1.5-hour drive away, making them perfect options for a mother-daughter retreat.

Our time at The Reeds at Shelter Haven was nothing short of breathtaking. Located in a charming beach community with quaint shops and waterfront access, this luxury boutique hotel did not disappoint. From the impeccable rooms to the delectable cuisine at Sax, where we had the most incredible meal and enjoyed 5-star service from Georgiana, everything was first-class. 

At dinner, we started with their signature Saxtini (a pineapple-infused martini) and shared the truffle mac n' cheese, mussels, and New England clam chowder. For our main course, it was roasted chicken with pierogies for Mom while I absolutely loved my surf and turf; a strip steak and crab cake. The sides of au gratin potatoes and broccolini rounded out the main course. Though we could barely fit another bite, we finished off the meal with an absolutely delicious orange crème brûlée. I cannot wait to visit again.

Every aspect of our stay was top-notch. The Salt Spa, conveniently located across the street from the hotel, offered a variety of unique treatments, including the Brine Room and Turkish Salt Bath. At the Brine Lounge, the room is infused with Himalayan salt and combines revitalizing light therapy with tranquil music to enhance your overall well-being. The Turkish Salt Bath is an ornately tiled, heated room where inviting surfaces provide the ultimate in comfort, while soothing music provides vibrational nutrition, boosting the immune system functions. Mists of steam float through the room while the Swarovski Crystal sky promotes relaxation. Light therapy is combined with a unique mud treatment that is self-applied for either a nourishing or detoxing treatment.  

My mother and I found our time at The Reeds to be an unforgettable bonding experience. We are eagerly anticipating our return this summer to enjoy the additional restaurants and outdoor spaces that will be open. The stunning views, luxurious spa, and tranquil outdoor areas make The Reeds a year-round destination.

While the opulence of The Reeds was undeniably impressive, the most rewarding part of our trip was the quality time spent with my mom. As a busy mother and business owner, finding time for self-care and nurturing relationships can be challenging. This getaway provided us with the perfect opportunity to reconnect and discover new things about each other. We made a pact to make this an annual tradition, and I wholeheartedly recommend doing the same with your loved ones.

Embarking on a getaway to Crystal Springs Resort with my 12-year-old daughter was an equally remarkable experience. Nestled amidst the majestic Kittatinny Mountains in northern New Jersey, the resort offers unparalleled views that leave you in awe. The lodge at Crystal Springs boasts elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites, perfect for a cozy retreat for two or a fun-filled group getaway.

Our time at the resort was simply magical. The Biosphere Pool complex is a sight to behold, transporting guests from the mountains of North Jersey to a 10,000-square-foot rainforest. Its translucent domed roof allows for natural light to shine through, and the pool itself feels like an oasis, surrounded by lush vegetation and trees. While the setting is enough to put a parent at ease, the kids (and parents!) can really enjoy themselves with the winding, 140-foot slide that empties into the pool. If you somehow need a change of scenery, there is the Mineral Pool, which provides a unique indoor/outdoor setting that can be relished year-round. That complex trades a slide for a cliff-jumping zone and also offers a sauna and steam room, game room and adventure complex. The resort has unique activities that can be enjoyed by kids, families, and adults only. 

The variety of dining options at Crystal Springs allows both kids and adults to be satisfied -- how often can you say that?!?. At the Biosphere Pool, the cafe offered quick grab-and-go options as well as a full menu of tacos, chicken fingers, and other kid-friendly staples. They have a nice selection of gelato as well, which was our absolute favorite! We enjoyed dinner at Crystal Tavern, which provided spectacular sunset views and great food and service. While I had the halibut, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Tavern Burger. Poolside days were followed by evenings spent by the warming glow of the fire pits while savoring the inviting surroundings.

At Minerals Hotel, we discovered a plethora of engaging activities for kids that kept my daughter entertained and allowed us to create lasting memories together. Escaping the daily hustle and bustle, we were able to slow down and fully enjoy each other's company. As my daughter navigates through her preteen years, I've come to realize the importance of staying connected and nurturing our bond, making our time at Crystal Springs truly invaluable.

"We made a pact to make this an annual tradition."

"The most rewarding part of our trip was the quality time spent with my mom."

  • Long Branch City Lifestyle publisher Amy Dimes (l.) and her mother, TKTKTKT
  • Long Branch City Lifestyle publisher Amy Dimes (l.) and her mother, TKTKTKT
  • The Biosphere Pool at Crystal Springs
  • Crystal Springs resort
  • Crystal Springs resort
  • The Mineral Pool at Crystal Springs
  • The gelato at Crystal Springs was a hit!
  • Turkish Bath at The Salt Spa at the Reeds
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  • The Salt Spa at The Reeds at Shlter Haven
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  • The Reeds at Shelter Haven
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  • Crystal Springs Biosphere Pool