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Mothers and Daughters

Working Together

Bartlett Heating and Cooling has provided excellent service in the metro Atlanta area since 1982. Shannon Bartlett is the president and truly embodies the company's motto, “small-town integrity in the big city.”

Did you plant seeds, or did your daughter always desire to be in the family business?  

Shannon: Certainly not intentionally. I never wanted the girls to feel obligated or that it was their duty to work at Bartlett. I wanted them for find something that they loved doing. That being said, I have to say though that it sure does make me proud that Bailey has decided to be a part of Bartlett. Being able to work with my daughter each day is a blessing! I’m also proud of Brittney, who is pursuing her passion, a career in nursing.

What are some things that you’ve learned from your mother?

Brittney: I’ve learned that you have to work hard for what you want, to be responsible, and treat others how you want to be treated.

Bailey: I have gotten to see my mom accomplish amazing things. She has worked hard from the time I was old enough to understand what work was. That was inspiring to me and made me want to be just like my mom.

What is your favorite memory of your daughters working in the business?  

Shannon: The girls spent a lot of time at the office growing up. Once, when Bailey was about 5 and Brittney was about 9, the phone rang and Bailey picked it up and answered, "Bartlett Heating & Cooling." Brittney told Bailey, "Put them on hold," which Bailey did. Brittney, scared to death, came up and told me what happened and that someone was waiting on hold.  When I picked up the line, the person on the other end told me that it was hilarious! | 770.429.0278

Cumberland Diamond Exchange has been passionately engaging couples since 1982. CDE was voted Best Jeweler by Smyrna Vinings Lifestyle readers for 2018. Rhonda Jacobson wears many hats other than co-owner. She works tirelessly with different charities, she’s a graduate gemologist and a mother to Melissa. Smyrna Vinings Lifestyle asked Rhonda and Melissa about working together in the family business.

What are some life lessons that you've learned from your mother?

Melissa: My mom has always said, "If you’re blessed, then you should bless others.” Those are words she truly lives by. My mom has a servant's heart and views her community as an extension of her family. She goes the extra mile without ever expecting recognition or even a thank-you—she just loves others and wants to give back. I am so thankful and proud to be her daughter and friend.

What is your favorite memory of your daughter working in the business?

Rhonda: Shortly after Melissa began her full-time career at Cumberland Diamond Exchange, she suggested we create a Facebook page and feature engaged couples as well as bride of the month in a monthly newsletter. Our friends, family and clients love seeing photos and reading their testimonials. It was a marketing game-changer for us. I’m very proud of her! I love my daughter because she is genuinely sincere and kind. She is caring and accepting of everyone she meets without discrimination. I grew up hearing, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s not just a saying to Melissa; she lives it intentionally.

What's your favorite thing about working in the family business?

Melissa: Working together has given us the opportunity to learn from each other professionally and spend more time together. I've always respected my parents, but now I fully realize all of the hard work and sacrifices they made to give me an amazing life, build an incredible business and give back to the community. | 770.434.4367