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Mother’s Day Brunch

Keep It Healthy and Nourishing

Why not honor your mom with a Mother’s Day brunch that’s delicious and healthy?

A woman’s need for calcium spans her lifetime, so make sure to include it in your Mother’s Day dishes. For expectant moms, extra calcium helps build the baby’s calcium stores while allowing mom to maintain her own skeletal health. Later in life osteoporosis can become a major health concern. Prevention is key. “It’s important to include high calcium foods at every stage of life,” said Melissa Crawley, M.D. at Texas Oncology–Boerne. “Osteoporosis also can be a particular concern of many cancer survivors, and people often benefit from increased calcium intake after they complete therapy.”

Consider adding these foods to your Mother’s Day brunch menu:

Cheese. Quiche is a great brunch idea and the cheese in it is a good source of calcium. Cheese also provides high quality protein. Cheese is good in salads or casseroles, too.

Almonds. Almonds have the highest calcium content of any nut. They are high in fiber and other healthy nutrients. For brunch, consider adding them by serving almond butter on toast.

Broccoli and Kale. These green vegetables are storehouses of phytochemicals that protect the body and are also good plant-based sources of calcium. They can be steamed, roasted or eaten raw in salads.