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Maximizing Your Learning Potential with A+ Tutoring/Test Preparation

We’ve all been there. Sweaty palms, churning stomach, did I study enough? Exams are passed out; we pick up our pencil and whisper a short prayer that the all-nighter spent studying wasn’t for naught. We’ve got exactly one hour to complete a herculean test we know in the depths of our souls we’re probably not going to pass.

If only we had embraced a different learning technique and approached the test like we do any other of life’s puzzles: visualizing how the logical pieces go together rather than having to guess for the best response.

Underline, predict, visualize. According to Michael DiSalvo of A+ Tutoring/Test Preparation, those are the three most important aspects of overcoming the test-taking mountain.

Michael’s approach to tutoring students (both those who have fallen behind and those who are seeking a competitive edge) isn’t about flashcards. It’s about motivation and mindset.

“Seeing the bigger picture helps students move beyond taking a ‘stupid test’ to seeing their bigger goals,” he says. “When students see the sort of person they can become in their careers and lives, it's much easier for them to follow through and stick with the program.”

Students seeking college preparatory guidance and assistance with PSAT, SAT, ACT and other entrance exams will sense something different with Michael’s learning methods as they are closely linked with psychology, which stems from his own degree in the field. He saw its lucrative benefits when coupled with learning and teaching—and knew he had to implement it.

“Being able to see a student's weakness and diagnose why it’s there helps me compensate for and strengthen it.”

He says it all comes down to realizing the potential within.

“So many students limit themselves because of bad teachers, their past mistakes or even current faults. But the students who realize they can become that ideal version of themselves can truly transform into a whole new person,” Michael says.

Case in point: an SAT student of his made a mistake on a math problem. After throwing up his hands and declaring, “I’m no good in math!” Michael challenged him on this train of thought.

“I showed him he needed to go through each step rather than rushing to the end. He ended up getting a 780 in Math on test day—that’s in the highest percentile!”

“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is a challenge to overcome,” he says. “To get a bigger picture of learning and of life is something that cannot be valued enough.” | 300 E. Business Way, Suite 200, Sharonville | 513.939.9033


Don’t be afraid to underline questions and important passages in books.


Write down predictions before looking at choices.


Develop a success mentality—visualize your goal while making the logical steps to attain it.

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