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Allie Beth Allman & Associates President and CEO, Keith Conlon

PCL: What got you into real estate?

KC: My family runs a commercial real estate firm. When my baseball career ended, I decided to get my license and went the residential route. This is my 15th year at Allie Beth Allman & Associates. I began selling and then Allie Beth asked me to consider management. I’m now President and CEO.

PCL: What’s been the most significant swing in real estate recently?

KC: Covid played a significant role, which was followed by historically low interest rates. Now it is finding enough inventory to keep up with demand. With so many people locking into low rates, it’s harder for them to upgrade or sell their homes because they’re essentially doubling their mortgage payments.

PCL: Describe the current market.

KC: Extremely healthy. DFW is the best place in the country to be buying and selling. For several years, most people thought home prices would fall. But more and more people are relocating here. Leading economists and real estate experts note DFW is the strongest market in the country.

PCL: What are your top recommendations for sellers and buyers?

KC: Inventory is low, it’s a great time to sell. There has also been appreciation of real estate in DFW for several years, now is the time to buy.

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