Move on the Daley

Megan Daley, of Move on the Daley has an important goal when meeting a new client; to empower and inspire, to get stronger, stay active, and stay out of the doctor’s office.

"Everyone wants to stay active and live a long and healthy life, right? And we all know that exercise is an important part of that. Move more, feel better. Life gets in the way. A lot. Whether it is an injury that prompted you to come in or you just want to be proactive, Move On The Daley helps you find your “why” to help you stay focused, gives you the tools and knowledge to stay with it even through and after any injury, and together, we develop a plan to get you stronger and more active for life. It is Physical Therapy - Fitness - Wellness: Redefined," Daley explained.

Daley has always had a strong passion for helping people find their strength through physical rehabilitation. Much of her motivation comes from experience and wanting to see others achieve what she has.

"I have had multiple knee surgeries, starting as early as 5th grade, and ending with a cartilage graft during college. Thankfully, my stubbornness served me when I did not listen to a single doctor that told me to rest, quit sports, and never do heavy lifting or high impact activity. Fast forward to now and, between keeping up my strength and the mentality I have through my training both professionally and personally, I am stronger and more resilient than ever. I want to help as many people as possible to get stronger, avoid injury, and not have to take time away from the things they enjoy."

Originally from South Carolina, Daley came to the Phoenix area to get her doctorate in physical therapy and fell in love with the Scottsdale area. After graduating, she worked in corporate healthcare and began to feel frustrated with the process. When Daley's father was diagnosed with lung cancer, an intensified irritation with the medical care system surfaced and she questioned how she could help others to make a bigger impact, and enjoy themselves more before it was too late. Move on the Daley came to fruition and Daley now gets to see her patients get back to things like hiking, playing with their kids, traveling and going to their gym, which is her greatest joy.

"My goal is to change their life; allowing them to take care of the house, play with the kids, stay active, cook dinner, keep hiking, go to happy hour, lift luggage on  vacation - all without restriction. And my goal is to help them continue doing so for as long as they choose without hindrance from their physical bodies."

Daley's Workout Tips:

Strength - What's the most important thing we can do that will set us up for success NOW & in the future? Frequently lifting heavy things. The stronger & fitter you are, the easier life becomes. 

High intensity - You have to get your heart rate up regularly to make sustainable changes. For one, it pumps fluid through your body, thereby diluting any inflammatory agents and the like.

Mindset and community - these are key. Physical fitness and rehabilitation are both just as much a mental game as they are physical.

8425 N 90th St #3, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (inside CrossFit Infinite Strength)

MOVEONTHEDALEY.COM / IG @moveonthedaley

Rehab post Injury/surgery/cancer treatment

Services Offered:


General Mobility Screens

Dry needling


Movement analysis (of barbell lifts & CrossFit gymnastics)

Everything except oncology, dry needling and cupping can be done online (telehealth) as well

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