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Movement Igniting Wellness

Gallatin's Movement Shop keeps our area moving

Article by Patti Gordon

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Getting Gallatin moving is Dr. Jesse Davenport’s passion! “Our mission is to ignite the human spirit through movement. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and move them to make positive changes to their health and wellness,” he proudly proclaims. Gone are the days when rigid exercise regimes are put in place to obtain a “healthy” lifestyle. Now, Dr. Davenport suggests that a person finds a complete system of movement that works for them and keeps every part of life and body active. Systems lead to structure, which leads to good routines, which lead to habit-forming and positive changes for the good.

Dr. Jesse Davenport is a physical therapist who started his business with childhood best friend (and now fellow physical therapist), Dr. Ian Crider. Together opening The Movement Shop, they do as the name announces: gets Gallatin moving! TMS has quickly become a one-stop shop that houses experts in all things movement to help people from all walks of life sustain safe movement, full of life, great purpose and meaningful mechanics. 

Joining Dr. Davenport and Dr. Crider, The Movement Shop has rapidly added to their team of experts who strive to positively impact many aspects of your movement. Robert Boswell, PTA, supports so many good movement efforts and is passionate about helping maximize the potential of everyone from seniors to athletes. Shannon Slayton is a Wellness Coach with a passion to help build custom plans of action to guide clients on a journey of improved total wellness while also identifying goals and barriers to your wellness goals. From athletes looking to increase strength and movement, to those wanting an accountability partner or seniors who are looking for ways to maintain independence, the services offered are all-encompassing and continue to inspire so many great fit and active goals of movement!

Being a mobile clinic with providers who will physically meet you where you are is another aspect that sets TMS apart. For those patients who are unable to make it into the clinic, the clinic comes to you!  Dr. Kristi Roland and Lauri Salani, PT, with a strong background in neurological care, are part of the mobile clinic staff who keep the wheels moving and continue to add to the local capabilities of TMS.

The mix of different specialists on staff and the uniqueness of the mobile clinic are just a few of the exciting services that The Movement Shop offers. But, perhaps something that Dr. Davenport enjoys the most is also providing free education on a monthly basis to the community and utilizing different outreach techniques to do so. Giving back to the community is something that Dr. Davenport prioritizes as he plans on increasing local community involvement to the benefit of all. 

For those who are ready to take action on their physical health but are unsure where to start, just moving and getting started is what Dr. Davenport recommends first. If you are motivated to do a movement, do it within reason. Overwhelming exercises and expecting change overnight are unrealistic and unsustainable. Finding a community of like-minded people is a tremendous asset as you feed off of other energy and being held accountable to our own regimens really does wonders! 

For area seniors, it's recommended to stay as active as possible. Plan and invest in mobility goals as if you were investing in retirement. A quick movement inventory below can help assess and start a baseline of total physical health:  

  • Can I jump/hop? 
  • Can I get off the floor? 
  • Can I walk and keep up with others? 
  • Can I get out of a chair without having to push up with my hands? 
  • Do I know how to fall safely? 
  • Do I already struggle with what I love to do? 
  • Is my home safe? 

If you can’t do one or more of the items listed, Dr. Davenport recommends setting up a consult and conversation so they can help connect you with the appropriate resources and information. 

There is an epidemic of a lack of movement in our society; we are designed to move and not to stay still. You have to start somewhere in your movement journey. You can go to to book a free consultation as Dr. Davenport’s hope is to inspire Gallatin by leading the charge into complete health, wellness and movement!

1647 Nashville Pike, Gallatin