Moving with Purpose

Peltier helps clients regain their lives

Chasing children or grandchildren around a theme park in the summer is taxing on anyone. But for some people, it may not seem possible due to a lack of mobility.

Beth Peltier has made it her mission to help people regain the precious moments through strength training. Through her training program Season to Change, she works with clients to build strength, coordination, stability and mobility. 

“I’m very passionate about it,” Peltier said. “My father had cervical spine surgery when he was 40. He died at 41 from heart disease, but it was because he was so limited in his ability. He got very depressed after this neck surgery. His ability to live like he was living was gone.

“It’s just heartbreaking to see someone’s freedom taken away from them when there’s something we can do.”

Peltier has been training for 25 years, adding knowledge and techniques. It started with her own body transformation over a 90-day period in her 20s.

 She’s earned several certifications from exercise specialist to Ortho-Kinetics, helping people find the source of an issue plaguing their mobility or lack of strength and correcting it.

She works with a wide age range of clients . 

Her training is not heavy weights or a boot camp. It’s about training muscles to move properly and with intention.

“It’s about firing up that muscle tissue and getting it moving in proper patterns,” Peltier said.

“Intentional mobility is about really connecting to the muscle and the joints and moving them in a way that helps build your strength, your coordination and your stability.”

She loves seeing her clients progress and reach new goals from going on hikes with family or making a visit to a theme park.

“It’s really about teaching and empowering somebody’s body to overcome chronic things that have been going on,” Peltier said.

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