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Tyler Martelli

Whether it's with Strung Like a Horse, Tennessee's Dead, or jamming with friends at local events, Tyler Martelli is an integral part of Chattanooga's music scene. 

At just nine years old, Martelli's father gave him his first guitar and was blown away at his ability to teach himself by just listening to the greats like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. During our interview, Martelli spoke of his incredible gratitude to Danimal Pinson, Adam Stone, and Joel Forlines for where he is today—a testament to the loving and genuine character he has shown to his fans, friends, and the community. 

When asked about how music has impacted him, true to Martelli form, he responded, "It just makes everyone happy. I see people I know and some I don't know at shows and they are just letting go. I love that and being a part of that. It's like church."

With a passion for the continuously developing music scene, Martelli fights diligently to advocate for the industry on issues from fair pay to collaboration. He ended our interview with advice not just for musicians and creatives, but for everyone stating, "Don't ever stop. That's it!" 

What's next for Tyler Martelli and Strung Like a Horse?

Martelli told us that his entirely self-produced record Strung Like a Horse is dropping this summer and you can also catch him playing every Sunday at Barrel House Ballroom from 1PM-4PM with Danimal and Joel Forlines!