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Born Yoga’s Ashley Goldberg tells us what’s on her list.




At the age of 7, Ashley Goldberg was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, often confining her to a full leg brace, crutches and a wheelchair. Her determination and natural enthusiasm helped her learn the importance of living a more mindful, peaceful and meaningful life — including a passion for practicing and teaching yoga. 

In addition to being a certified yoga instructor for adults and for children, Goldberg has certifications in prenatal, natal and baby yoga, aerial yoga, and a master’s in clinical and humanistic psychology with a focus on child development. So when she launched Born Yoga (bornyogastudio.com) in 2015, Goldberg naturally focused her dedication on teaching and engaging children and families, centered around promoting an overall sense of strength and beauty — inside and out. And, of course, having fun.

In the spirit of learning health and wellness from a young age, we asked Goldberg to tell us her top eight favorite things for children and adults — many of which can be found in the Born Yoga Boutique.


1 YOGi FUN games “This young brand is making waves in the kids’ yoga space,” Goldberg says. “I am a huge supporter of any game or toy that allows you and your family to turn ‘Game Night’ into ‘Yoga Game Night!’ From puzzles, to memory, to pose cards, this unique brand incorporates yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques into all of its products.”

2 Gaiam Kids Yoga Mats Goldberg loves these mats “because they come in a variety of adorable designs, from meditating bunnies to dinosaurs!” she says. They are the perfect size for kids up to age 10. They are also non-toxic and reasonably priced.

3 Hoberman Sphere “We use a Hoberman Sphere in almost all of our classes at Born Yoga, including the adult classes. When used for deep breathing, children and adults have a visual tool to help deepen their breath and calm their minds,” Goldberg says. “I explain to my students, as you open the sphere, breathe in slowly through the nose like you are smelling a flower and as you close the sphere, slowly breathe out of the mouth like you are blowing on a candle.”

4 I Am Book Series by Susan Verde “Susan is a friend and fellow kids’ yoga and mindfulness teacher. Her first book, I Am Yoga, is beautifully illustrated on each page with a yoga pose and a corresponding affirmation. The huge success of this book led Susan to create I Am Peace, I Am Human, I Am Love and more. These books represent every child’s unique and beautiful self while also providing tools for self-regulation and self-love.”


5 Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides “I am a huge fan of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides because 1 serving provides 20g of collagen, 18g of protein and 100-percent daily value of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid,” Goldberg says. “All of these aid in healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints. I use the unflavored kind which I mix into my morning coffee or smoothie daily. They also offer pescetarian and vegan varieties.” 

6 Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels “I like to use these in the morning, especially after a restless night. I like to keep them in the refrigerator because when I put them on they immediately cool and calm my skin. After 15-20 minutes of wearing them, my undereyes look brighter and smoother! After I remove them, I rub the excess gel all over my face to get the most out of them.”

7 Yogi Brand Tea “Whether I drink tea in the morning or night, I love the variety of flavors and benefits that Yogi Brand Tea provides. But in all honesty, I think what I love most about this tea are the positive statements in each tag. I am a firm believer in the impact that receiving positive statements has on a developing child’s sense of self or in improving an adult’s mental health, no matter who or where they come from,” Goldberg says. “Tonight, my tag stated, ‘Breathe in peace and breathe out blessings to all.’ We all need a little more of these reminders in our lives.”


8 Bosu Ball “This is one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment because of its versatility,” Goldberg says. “Children and adults alike will benefit from this balancing tool that strengthens the core while providing increased body awareness. There are endless exercises that feel more like fun than work when using a Bosu Ball!”

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