The Duke of Denver

My Son Duke

As the publisher of Denver North City Lifestyle, I don't write articles or give editorial comments because I wouldn't know where to start. I leave that to the professionals.  This will be the exception and I hope you will grant me this small kindness and patience.

The pictures that you see are of my son Duke.  He came into my life a few years ago in a most dramatic, not to mention, aggressive way.  He tried to eat my face!  What a difference a day makes...or a  Duke is an 8 year old English Mastiff that changed my life.  I hate dog hair.  I'm allergic to dogs. I also like to have my own way.  We are basically the same person:  HE LIKES TO HAVE HIS OWN WAY.  It was a rough go at first, I'm not going to lie.  In the second picture you can see what 6 months of treats and fresh sheets on his bed regularly afforded me the opportunity to have - a friend. He was there when I launched my first magazine and he stayed with me through the struggle, through covid even until my dream became a reality.  It wasn't all roses though.  Believe it or not, he can drool on not just the refrigerator or couch; but the CEILING!  I know, right?

I was in love, and no matter the trials and tribulations, I knew that we were bonded forever although he didn't know it for another year, anyway.  I learned so much.  Putting others first is so rewarding, and before you get upset....just ask them what they want.  But you have to listen.   A smile goes a long way.  A fraction of a bed is still amazing if shared with someone you love.  Never angry, always protective and with unconditional love he is a daily reminder that life isn't perfect.  I can't imagine carrying 250lbs around everyday.  People said "You guys are the same size!!!!"  NO WE AREN"T.  lol.   Unfortunately, as happens to us all, he is on his final journey.  Due to bone cancer, this was his last 4th of July but we hope he will get some Turkey at Thanksgiving.

I started falling in love in January 2020 and it changed my life.  

Life Lesson:  Don't trip if your dinner is late, as long as they always come back to feed you.  No one is perfect, and raw tripe late everyday is much better than wondering if you will get delicious lamb again.  I didn't even know what tripe was.

I will always feed you and make your bed.

You made me love when it wasn't easy...or clean.

love you,



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