My Nourishing Adventure

New foods, clean water and huge smiles

Tangential involvement in a clean water project spurred a recent trip to Kenya. It became one of my most nourishing adventures. Travel provides learning to feed your brain. This trip nourished my heart, as well.

My first day was filled with smiles from healthy schoolchildren in communities using our water filters. Healthy children and healthy communities are happier, more productive and more independent. Doctors in two clinics told us the water filters had significantly reduced diseases in the communities they serve.

The small NGO, Clean Water Kenya, was my reason for traveling and the reason for the smiles around me. Every donated portable filtration pot transforms very dirty river water to be crystal clear and delicious. I know because I drank it. 

That day, I had a meal on my lap in a 12’x15’ room in a concrete home with what seemed like a village full of Kampo tribe members. Perhaps only six of us spoke English, but a meal is a great connector. Sign language and laughter are great sauces. Hugs are great garnishes. 

Two days later, we attended a Maasai ceremony full of dances, singing, poetry and games. Part of the ceremony was the induction of Clean Water Kenya’s founders into the tribe as elders. As an active member of the organization, I was welcomed along with the NGO board members with gifts of wraps, along with ceremonial and personal beaded jewelry. 

Over the last ten years, Clean Water Kenya has provided over a thousand water filters to Massai villagers. That day, we gifted one hundred more.

Smiles, roasted goat, non-descript delicious foods, handshakes, Tusker beer, bouquets, shared wine, serenades and more filled my days. I was hugged, gifted, and graciously welcomed by the generous, beautiful, wonderful people I met in Kenya. It was a very nourishing adventure.


"Healthy children and healthy communities are happier, more productive and more independent."

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