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Myers' Front Porch offers a customer coffee and tea bar.

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Myers' Front Porch: A Friendly, Healthy Difference

Where Good Food and Friends Meet

“Turquoise (ˈturˌk(w)oiz) noun: A greenish-blue color that symbolizes refreshment, friendship, love, tranquility and loyalty.”

Turquoise is the first thing you will notice when you enter Myers’ Front Porch. From comfortable patio-style chairs to the paint scheme, the turquoise decor immediately feels welcoming.

And given its symbolic meanings, turquoise is the perfect introduction to the warm, homey environment that permeates the popular restaurant.

“The home feel is quintessential to who we are,” says owner Kori Langford. “My belief is that the world would be a lot better place if we all sat on our front porches and got to know our neighbors.”

Created by Kori and her family in late 2017, Myers’ Front Porch’s mission is to serve up healthy, delicious food in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Every day, Kori and her team serve a diverse array of menu items featuring nitrate-free vegetables, locally sourced, healthy ingredients and an assortment of indulgent treats.

However, delivering great food is not Kori’s only goal. She is also working hard to establish her restaurant as a go-to community meeting spot.

“We purposely created a pleasing decor with comfortable patio furniture to help make it feel like a home environment,” Kori says. “We specifically don’t have televisions. We want people to connect and get to know each other.”

Myers’ status as a community hub is further enhanced by outstanding customer service provided by its friendly staff. From the front counter to the kitchen, the entire team operates under a “servant leadership” model in which they endeavor to feed each customers body, mind and soul.

“We believe in operating on a spiritual, Christian basis,” Kori says. “We believe that we are doing what we are called to do. Hospitality is our mission.”

Like all restaurants, Myers’ has a certain number of service steps that have to be performed to ensure that guests receive a quality dining experience. Along with traditional service points, Kori and her team build in additional time to let staff members connect with customers. 

“Our employees are servant-focused and hospitality-focused. They love to get to know our customers and share their life experiences,” Kori says. “Over time, our customers cease to be just customers; they become family.”

Thus far, the Myers’ Front Porch approach has proven successful.

“It’s amazing to me how many people have connected here,” Kori says. “Strangers meet and become friends and regulars here. For example, we have our Tuesday morning knitting group. The group started out with two ladies who like to knit, and it has grown into 12 to 15 people now, most of whom do not knit. Instead of knitting, they come to break bread together and to enjoy each other’s fellowship in a comfortable setting that they have come to love.”

Kori’s feelings are echoed by regular customer and knitter, Denise Jackson-Holder.

“Myers’ is comfortable and welcoming, with yummy food,” Denise says. “My friends and I feel like we are at home here. We laugh, we share. This is our place to come at least once a week to have ‘our time.’”

Denise’s sentiments are also shared by customer Julie White.

“I always see a lot of my friends here,” Julie says. “It is relaxing, welcoming, local. It is also a great place to have business meetings.”

Recently, Myers’ has been hosting additional activities featuring singer/songwriters, actors and comedians. These free events are held along with other traditional gatherings, including birthday parties, club get-togethers and business meetings.

“We want Myers’ to be a fun destination,” Kori says. “We want local folks to think of us as the community-centric place to go.”

Customer Ginger McClendon sums it up well.

“I come to Myers’ Front Porch for lunch and laughs.”

162 E. Main St., Hendersonville


  • Myers' Front Porch offers a customer coffee and tea bar.
  • An inviting menu board is updated daily with the latest food specials.
  • Jennifer and Michael Harris enjoy lunch at Myers' Front Porch.
  • Margaret Baker enjoys a fresh salad for lunch.
  • Owner Kori Langford fills a drink at the coffee and tea bar.
  • Myers' associate Caleb Shore greets customers with a smile.
  • Caleb Shore and Kori Langford show off one of their indulgent treats.
  • Owner Kori Langford poses in front of Myers' Front Porch.
  • Owner Kori Langford and customers Michael and Jennifer Harris enjoy a lakeside view from Myers' Front Porch.
  • Tammy Hayes, Arienne Hartman and Rachel Higgs enjoy a moment at Myers' Front Porch.
  • Julie White fills a drink at the coffee and tea bar.
  • Azalea Mackey takes lunch orders from Denise Jackson-Holder and Julie White.
  • Denise Jackson-Holder enjoys knitting at Myers' Front Porch.
  • Kori Langford learns about knitting from Denise Jackson-Holder.
  • Owner Kori Langford poses with part of the knitting group: Julie White, Ginger McClendon, Lisa Gillam and Denise Jackson-Holder.