Nailing the Details to Create Your Perfect Style

Transform your nails into stunning canvases with the trained technicians at Bnails Cedar Park

Nail salons are havens of self-care and creativity, fostering every client’s sense of confidence. At the iconically pink Bnails, you encounter this alongside professionals who emphasize delivering an unparalleled customer journey.

After conducting thorough market research, Bobby Bui decided to open a Bnails branch in Cedar Park. From securing the location to completing the build-out to preparing the team, he went through an educational and enriching process. Throughout this valuable learning opportunity, Bui met many great people who contributed to the overall success and readiness of the salon.

“The culmination of this year-long effort, seeing everything come together, was exhilarating. It represented not just the physical setup of the space and the assembling of a skilled team, but also the realization of a vision to serve the Cedar Park community in a unique way,” says Bui. “The pride and happiness in finally being able to offer the Bnails experience to this community were profound.”

Since opening in fall of 2023, Bnails Cedar Park has proven its devotion to customer satisfaction. It extends beyond the time spent in the salon with its comprehensive approach to nail care, including convenient 24/7 online support. Your services are further enriched with automatic enrollment as a B-Reward member so you can redeem exclusive offers and B-Coin rewards to pamper yourself again soon.

“This program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for choosing us,” says Bui. “It’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with an exceptional experience whenever you visit Bnails Cedar Park.”

Whether it be with manicures or pedicures, Bui and his team have a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations. They aim to make visits a journey in beauty and relaxation, rather than simply an appointment. For that reason, Bnails prides itself in being not just a location, but a destination.

With dozens of stations, fresh new furnishings, and ample space, Bnails Cedar Park is a picture-perfect spot for special group events. When you get your nails done with your friends or family members, expect gracious accommodations for your party and an unmatched ambiance.

“We have created an environment that epitomizes dedication, passion, and perfection in nail artistry,” says Bui. “Our establishment is more than just a place to get your nails done; it’s an experience that stands out for its quality and service. We strive to be a beacon in the community for those seeking excellent nail care, offering a memorable and distinct visit every time.”

Ready to indulge in personal care with the attention to detail of Bnails Cedar Park’s technicians? Head to 1335 E Whitestone Blvd V202 in 1890 Ranch or visit bnails.com to book your appointment now!

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