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Concierge Medical Services

Nashville Addiction Recovery / Belle Meade AMP Assists Those With Alcohol And Drug Dependence

Roger Starner Jones Jr., M.D., is a board-certified emergency and addiction medicine physician and founder of Nashville Addiction Recovery / Belle Meade AMP. The practices were established to provide concierge medical detox and outpatient psychiatry services to patients in a no judgment zone. Detox takes place in private residences and luxury hotel suites for patients receiving treatment for alcohol and drug dependence. 

"Our goal is to make patients as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible," says Dr. Jones, who founded the company with Kevin Mallory, a former Wall Street hedge fund trader. Kevin states, “We are building a next-generation health care company, providing advanced medicines, therapies and recovery strategies. We harness the power of augmented artificial intelligence and pharmacogenomics coupled with machine learning algorithms to produce a sustainable path forward in behavioral wellness.”

Some industry sources indicate that drug overdoses increased by 200% during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was linked to numerous contributing factors, including pandemic fatigue, mood disorders, seasonal depression, psychological trauma, divorces, untreated post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, grief reaction, substance use disorders, insomnia, gambling issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder and recreational alcohol use.

"Detox takes three to five days. Most patients feel better after four or five hours,” says Dr. Jones, a graduate of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Jones says he's treated more than 50,000 patients and detoxed more than 1,000 during his career. "Thirty percent of patients with a substance use disorder have a coexisting psychiatric diagnosis."

Kevin, who is the father of three teenage children, says every household has its own issues. "We are all just one person away from a friend or loved one who needs help."


Belle Meade AMP, located at 4515 Harding Pike, Suite 326, also offers comprehensive mental health evaluations. Outpatient medical services include prescription refills, IV therapy, fitness routines, nutritional assessment, in-home counseling, in-office appointments and telehealth services.

"We tailor treatment and follow-up care to each patient, and work with families to coordinate interventions that facilitate treatment for reluctant patients." ~Roger Starner Jones Jr., M.D.