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National Nutrition Month

Working towards building healthy eating routines this March

Every March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has announced that this year’s theme is “Beyond the Table.” 

The meaning behind this year’s theme is to encourage healthy eating routines, food safety techniques, and environmentally conscious food practices. Food is far more than just the ingredients that we eat throughout the day. Food serves as a mechanism to help us fuel our bodies to participate in the activities we enjoy, a way to celebrate and cherish time with loved ones, and a way to help us stay involved with our community. 

Food to Fuel:
Establishing a well balanced diet can endorse a healthy immune system, aids to prevent risk of an array of chronic diseases, and can provide adequate energy sources to help you power through your day. Consuming an adequate amount of calories, and the proper balance of macronutrients for you as an individual can help reduce levels of fatigue and promote an overall good mood. 

Food to Celebrate:
From weddings to birthdays, most celebratory traditions have a food component tied to it. It is not a coincidence that food plays a large role in celebration practices because food has the ability to foster conversation and encourage connection. In these moments, the food being served is much greater than just the meal being served on the table; it becomes about the environment, the company, and the enjoyment of the event. 

Food and Community:
Embracing the tie between food and community can occur in various manners; from dining at local restaurants, to supporting local producers at Farmers’ Markets, and even sharing meals with neighbors. Food truly has the power to bond. This could occur through the growing process of cultivating a community garden or establishing rapport with the local producers. It could include phases of food preparation such as taking a cooking class with a loved one, passing down a special recipe with someone, or just spending quality time in the kitchen. Community ties can also be strengthened through sharing food with neighbors, whether it is sharing a meal together or dropping off a food item for an occasion. Recognizing the association between food and community helps not only enhance the food we eat, but the community we live in. 

This March, I encourage you to think about how you can work towards building a more balanced diet, celebrating the moments that occur around food, and recognizing the community ties that are involved beyond the table.

Dr. Kelsey “Cece” Reeder, DCN, RD is a clinical and private practice registered dietitian in Fairfield County. Dr. Cece is now accepting new patients! Email for any inquiries.

  • Dr. Cece Reeder