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Lincoln Memorial

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National Treasures

Discover these American historical sites.

From the center of the National Mall, the Washington Monument stands proudly. Looking East, you see our nation’s capital. To the West, the Lincoln Memorial casts a shadow down its steps. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people wander the Mall. Standing among these great national markers fills each American with a new found appreciation for its legacy and achievements.

Washington, DC. sits at the center of our nation’s history. Just a stone's throw away is the state of Virginia. In Fairfax County, Virginia the National Air and Space Museum provides a glimpse into American masterpieces of engineering. There you can walk through and see the USS Discovery Shuttle, World War II planes, fighter jets, and more.  

In the great state of Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and even Scranton, the setting of the series “The Office”.  The magnitude of the Gettysburg Memorial cannot be felt without standing foot on this hallowed ground. A drive-through tour goes on for miles across open fields and past monuments. Just the Military Park itself is nearly 10 square miles. Observing the proximity of the surrounding neighborhoods brings into focus the impact that a war can have on a homeland. This solemn and historical site is an experience that must be done in person at least once in a lifetime. Wherever you go in the eastern United States there is an abundance of history to soak up, and memories to last a lifetime. 

  • Lincoln Memorial
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