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Deciduous Holly berries are a favorite of many native songbirds.

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Native Plants for Oklahoma Gardens

Shop for these native Oklahoma plants and more at SpringFest

Article by Andrea Gardner

Photography by Tulsa Garden Center

Originally published in Tulsa City Lifestyle

Smooth Hydrangea

A native to eastern Oklahoma.  With large white blooms all summer long, it’s hard to believe this species is more tolerant of heat, sun, and drought than its cousin the Bigleaf hydrangea.


American Beautyberry

A showstopper in all four seasons. Bright purple berries mature in late summer and become a focal point when the leaves fall off during autumn.  Beautyberry can be trained or left to its whimsical nature.


Common Rose Mallow

A great choice for areas that tend to hold moisture.  This hardy hibiscus boasts large flowers that attract hummingbirds and wow dinner guests.


Indian Blanket Flower

Oklahoma’s state wildflower is a must-have for any native plant enthusiast. Bright red blooms are a favorite of pollinators and stand out after the rest of the garden has given in to the summer heat. 


Events & Workshops

The Tulsa Garden Center offers horticultural educational opportunities. To learn more and preregister for workshops visit

  • Venus Flytrap Workshop: March 7, 6-8 pm.
  • Seed Starting Workshop: March 16, 10 am-12 pm.
  • 69th annual SpringFest: April 12-13, 9 am-3 pm.


  • Deciduous Holly berries are a favorite of many native songbirds.

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