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Natural Born Entrepreneur

Hunter Wells is continuing his family legacy of entrepreneurs

  Being an entrepreneur takes a special kind of mindset. There are challenges, but the rewards that come with it far surpass them. For Hunter Wells, owning your own business, or two, comes naturally. 

  Hunter Wells grew up in the CSRA and has always had the entrepreneurial mindset. When he was just ten years old, he would earn money by putting up Christmas lights and decorations in his grandmother’s neighborhood. As he got older, he started a lawn care business and then later started a pressure washing business. In late 2018, Hunter started Supreme Siteworks, a land clearing and grading business. He was already experienced in the field because he previously worked for his uncle Terry Davis, who owned Augusta Ready Mix. After his uncle passed away, Hunter decided to utilize his experience to start his own company. “Supreme Siteworks was my first big-time business,” says Hunter.

  Hunter's newest venture is PartyQuip Augusta. “Last October, I bought PartyQuip Augusta on a whim and it has grown 25% bigger within six months,” says Hunter. PartyQuip Augusta can service events such as weddings, corporate events, sporting events, commercial events, and much more! “Anything that has to do with tents, tables, chairs, linens… we can do,” says Hunter. Linens are available in multiple color options to best fit your needs. “We have everything you can think of; black, silver, white, red gingham, blue gingham, gold… anything you can think of, we have them,” says Hunter. 

Hunter’s fiancée, Hannah, handles creating and sending invoices and estimates, answering phone calls, and putting packages together. Hannah says that one of the bonuses of working with Hunter is getting to spend extra time with him. “We’re a smaller company that can cater to people’s needs faster and more efficiently because you’re dealing with either me, Hannah, or one of my guys,” says Hunter.

 When talking about previous jobs Hunter and his team have done, one in particular sticks out to Hunter. “Masters week at Sheehan’s Irish Pub, that’s our favorite of the year. We love working for the owner and you’re right in the middle of Augusta with planes flying over you with all the Masters guests. You really can’t beat it, that’s Masters week in Augusta,” says Hunter. There, Hunter and his team set up two tents with sidewalls, sixteen tables, one hundred ninety-two chairs, lighting, decorations, and depending on the weather, heaters and fans.

 When asked if he had any advice for those considering starting their own business, Hunter says to chase it and never stop because no matter what you do, there will be challenges so you should never stop chasing it. He also suggests looking to those who are close to you for support. Hunter’s grandfather, affectionately known as ‘Pa’, has played an important role in Hunter’s life. He has been there for Hunter since the beginning and continues to show support for him everyday by providing him with guidance and encouragement.

PartyQuip Augusta would love to help you bring your next special event to life. For more information about services and pricing, please call 706-305-9030. To see examples of PartyQuip Augusta’s work, follow them on Facebook at PartyQuip Augusta.