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The Chemfree Difference

Chemfree Exterminating offers solutions for homes and businesses.

Knowing that most Southern California homes are made of wood means that every 10 to 15 years you should plan to have your home treated for termites. Wood is what they eat and where they live, even if you haven’t yet seen obvious evidence of their infestation. In the past, homeowners delayed the inevitable because they dreaded vacating and tenting their home, leading to more extensive damage. But now there is another solution: there are natural solutions to nature’s problems while keeping your home and family safe.

Chem Free Exterminating, a family-owned business for over 40 years, offers full inspection for termite colonies in homes and businesses with two treatment options to safeguard the structure against further damage and fixes the damage that was already done.

The first option is full structural fumigation for residential and commercial properties. Chem Free can handle structures large and small, like the Balboa Pavilion (see photo), or small single-story homes. The other option is a manually applied, non-toxic application to directly treat the infestation colonies. The treatment they recommend depends on several factors, one being the need to safeguard the structure of the home with the need to safeguard the family who inhabits it.

Chem Free will tent when it is necessary or preferred, but they are also a leading provider of a non-toxic, plant-based home treatment as well, featuring the XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus application that comes from d-limonene derived from the orange rind. It is safer for people and pets than tenting but effective for eliminating pests and protecting homes against colonies of drywood termites without having to leave your home, which many people say is the number-one cause of treatment delays.

With the XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus application, there’s no need to remove plants, bag up your food and medicines, board up your pets, or even leave the premises. It is ideal for homebuyers who don’t want their new home tented before they move in, and makes it possible for businesses that keep long hours to stay open during treatment.

Chem Free solves an urgent issue by offering customers an Earth-friendly and health-conscious alternative that can save time and money. From one family to another, it’s reassuring that all services are done by Chem Free employees, and not outsourced to other companies, including carpentry and wood replacement to repair any damage, big or small, that is found on the property as a result of termite damage. 

Here are three primary services Chem Free offers to mitigate damage from termite infestations.

Structure Tenting
Homes and businesses need to be inspected for termite infestation and damage every 10-15 years. Tenting ensures that all infestations are removed and takes up to 3 days. 

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus Treatment
XT2000 Orange Oil Plus, derived from orange rind, is a safe and convenient, non-toxic alternative for treating infestations. 

Carpentry Wood Replacement
Licensed and professionally trained carpenters will replace dry rot and termite damage. Chem Free does not outsource; since 1989 they have used their own team of employees who handle every stage, from the first inspection to the last.

Call to schedule an inspection for your LA/OC home or office building, 714-533-7800, or visit

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