Naturo Health Solutions & Ageless Spa

Wellness Center Helps Achieve Optimal Health

Keeping your body in balance…and treating the whole person rather than individual symptoms...is the key to wellness, according to Dr. Christy Jenkins of Naturo Health Solutions & Ageless Spa, a wellness center in St. Charles County that focuses on natural and preventive healthcare.

Dr. Jenkins, a board-certified naturopathic doctor with over 25 years experience in health care, specializes in herbal remedies, detoxification and weight loss management, homeopathic medicine, chronic conditions, and natural health counseling.

With Dr. Jenkins, it’s truly a calling. Her passion is to see people achieve optimal health. By blending the best modern medical science with natural medical traditions, she hopes to teach her clients how to become ambassadors of their own health.

“Natural medicine should be used first, then if it’s not working for some reason, we can turn to synthetic drugs. But natural medicine is the best place to start,” explains Dr. Jenkins.

“Since the beginning of time, we’ve been using herbs, and fruits and vegetables, to help the body heal itself. Herbal Medicine treats the whole person rather than individual symptoms, when compared to synthetic medication. Herbal practitioners often see the underlying cause of an illness in terms of balance. A person’s illness indicates the body’s imbalance.

 “Herbal Medicine is intended to reestablish harmony and balance in a person’s body by building up the immune system. When the body’s given back what it’s missing, it will heal itself,” she says.

Holistic medicine also looks at the lifestyle…and how your body is feeling. “You know that if you feel debilitated and depleted and can’t hardly even get out of bed, how your life is affected. How you feel is most important to me. I want to relieve your pain, inflammation and get you feeling whole again.”

Naturo Health Solutions aims at making the individuals well overall…not just in part, or for a period of time. “Our approach is a model that uses each individual's unique genetic information to tailor a customized health plan.”

The wellness center also includes a gym that’s available to all patients - and the Ageless Spa, run by Dr. Jenkins daughter, Cearra.

“We offer customized services that focus on overall skin health, as well as massage therapy for people struggling with aches and pain. We aim at making clients feel comfortable and relaxed and not feel rushed through his or her treatment,” says Cearra.  

With winter in full swing, the "Exfoliating Body Scrub" has been a highly requested treatment which rids the skin of dead and dry skin and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

“My priority in skin care is to teach clients how to promote healthy skin and combat the signs of aging related to poor lifestyle and genetics.

“When I first became an esthetician, I thought that I would just enhance one’s beauty,” she says. “I had no idea how personal each time with my clients would be. With almost seven years in the field, I realize there’s a much bigger picture of why I am an esthetician. It's not just to enhance what we can see on the outside, but to also do the same for the inside. As women, we often struggle each day with comparing ourselves to what we see from social media, tv, etc, but we must truly realize beauty starts from within.” 

Naturo Health Solutions & Ageless Spa is located at 1600 Heritage Landing #207A in St. Charles.  

Dr. Christy Jenkins recently received a Proclamation from the mayors of St. Charles and St. Peters implementing June 24th as “Health Day” in St. Charles/St. Peters. On that day each year, the community will unite collectively to support the fight against disease and will focus on a healthy lifestyle. From 1-2pm, all businesses and citizens are urged to buy and/or sell only healthy items.

“We need to saturate our communities with healthy options,” said Dr. Jenkins. “And by emphasizing prevention and early disease detection, we can have a healthier community.”

The goal of Dr. Jenkins is to spread her efforts around the country so that June 24 will become a nationally recognized Health Day…”providing an opportunity for awareness and education about how our lifestyle and diet affects our health and well-being…and becoming a statement about what we in America stand for.”

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