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Navigating Investments

Financial expert shares insightful approach to investment and financial well-being

In the realm of investments, Hendra Wijaya, President of Perpetual Wealth Group, shares valuable insights from more than 22 years of experience. His dedication to educating individuals and business owners on effective investment strategies, money management, and retirement solutions offers a practical and approachable perspective.

Hendra's approach focuses on helping people discover the money they unknowingly lose and redirecting those funds to fortify their financial future without compromising their current lifestyle. He emphasizes, "There are only two ways to serve someone in the financial services business: One is to help people find better products that potentially pay higher returns that often require more risk. The second is to help them be more efficient with the resources they already have. I believe there is more opportunity to serve my clients by helping them avoid the losses than by picking the winners."

Perpetual Wealth Group, under Hendra's guidance, offers financial services focused on optimizing financial resources. Hendra notes, "The philosophy is to balance current lifestyle spending with future lifestyle needs."

A common misconception that Hendra addresses is that investing is a suspiciously lucrative financial scheme akin to gambling. To demystify these notions, he simplifies the investment process through fundamental questions: determining the required rate of return, understanding savings needs, estimating retirement age, and assessing potential lifestyle adjustments.

Retirement solutions are integral to a financial plan. Hendra emphasizes creating a balanced portfolio that offers liquidity, safety, flexibility, control, and tax advantages, ensuring long-term retirement planning aligns with individual goals.

When selecting investment vehicles, Hendra advocates for a diversified approach, suggesting that balanced portfolios provide liquidity, safety, flexibility, control, and tax advantages. A balanced portfolio also helps with navigating economic trends and market conditions, which insulates clients from undue risks while maximizing returns.

A key to financial success is identifying areas of financial loss, such as mortgage payments, taxes, retirement accounts, education funding, and major purchases. Hendra focuses on efficiency by helping clients maximize existing resources while emphasizing informed financial decisions based on individual circumstances. Ultimately, he believes clients benefit not only from identifying potential gains but, crucially, from avoiding unnecessary losses.

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