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Navigating the Waters of Health Insurance

M/Y Shoreline celebrates 10 years of helping people navigate the ever-changing waters of health insurance

Allison DeWitt started M/Y SHORELINE 10 years ago, bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the health insurance industry. The crew at M/Y SHORELINE demystifies health insurance—helping people with Medicare, those who are self-employed or retired, or those looking for other options in the private health insurance market understand what will work best for them and their families. “Health insurance is a foreign language,” says Allison. “We help lift the fog on something that is foreign and turn it into plain English.” 

M/Y SHORELINE really works as a liaison between major health insurance companies and their clients by reviewing plans front to back and asking questions on behalf of their clients to find the health plan that fits their clients’ needs best. The best part? M/Y SHORELINE is paid by the insurance carriers, so there aren’t additional fees for their services. “If you don’t know the right questions to ask or understand the language of health insurance, you could end up with the wrong plan,” says Allison. Ultimately, if you don’t read the fine print, the chances are high that you could end up in a plan that doesn’t offer the services or medications you need or include your doctors in-network. This can cost thousands of dollars over the course of the year. “We take the guesswork out of finding the right health plan and help people save money.”

Currently, M/Y SHORELINE serves over 5,000 households, and most of their clients fall within the Medicare category. Allison and her crew of young, all-female advisors make the process simple and streamlined for their clients. They aim to deliver 5-star service like what you would expect upon a luxury mega-yacht (get it…M/Y SHORELINE!) Starting with gathering information about their clients’ current and anticipated health needs, including doctor preferences & medications, M/Y SHORELINE will send tailored plan recommendations that fit their clients’ needs best. After discussing the plans and answering any looming questions clients have about their options, the crew will help tie up loose ends so clients can sit back and relax, knowing they have the right coverage.  

Once the clients are set up with the right health plan, the help doesn’t stop there. Since health insurance is ever-changing, M/Y SHORELINE is here for the long haul and will review plans annually for their clients. “Every year, there are changes to health insurance,” says Allison. “We have a pulse on what is happening because this is all we do, and that’s another reason we are unique in this industry.”

Another key aspect of M/Y SHORELINE that sets them apart is their commitment to their clients and embodying what it means to be part of a crew. “We aim to be a ray of sunshine,” she says. Allison and her crew are also focused on helping their clients find ways to live healthier and happier lives. “I am a big advocate for being proactive with your health and striving to be the best version of you. It’s fun to help people not just find the right health insurance coverage but also have conversations to help them become the best versions of themselves. Without your health, are you truly living?” says Allison.

While M/Y SHORELINE is celebrating its 10th anniversary this July, what is on the horizon for the next 10 years at M/Y SHORELINE? Even though Allison and the crew have no plans to do anything but provide a remarkably different health insurance and Medicare experience for their clients, they are looking at expanding their services to warmer climates. “M/Y SHORELINE just launched in Florida this year, and we have Arizona in our sights,” says Allison. “We have many snowbird clients, so this makes sense for us.”

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Health insurance is a foreign language. We help lift the fog on something that is foreign and turn it into plain English.