Navigating the World of Travel with American Cruises & Tours

You Create the Memories. We Take Care of the Details.

The travel industry is a vast and ever-changing landscape filled with opportunities for exploration, adventure, and relaxation. However, planning a trip can be intimidating and time-consuming, with countless choices and details to consider. 

That's where American Cruises & Tours, based out of Eagan, steps in. Founded by the dynamic husband and wife team, Dean and Joanne Victorson, in 1996, this home-based travel agency offers expertise and a personal touch to make your vacation dreams come true.

The Founding of American Cruises & Tours

Joanne's extensive background in sales and reservations at Delta, spanning over 15 years, provided her with a wealth of knowledge in the travel industry. On the other hand, Dean brought a unique perspective as a former trip director and sales manager for major companies like National Car Rental, Worldspan, and the Singapore Tourist Board. He has led and created tour groups across various continents, including the U.S., the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Orient.

The idea to start their travel agency arose from the fact that people consistently sought out Dean for travel advice. "People were always being referred to me by others," Dean chuckled during our interview. "They'd reach out, ask questions on my past travels, and seek my advice and guidance. We figured we might as well get paid for it, and so we opened up the travel agency."

American Cruises & Tours has since become a thriving, home-based business. Joanne notes, "We can save money on overhead, welcome our clients to our home to work through the plans, and pass along those savings to our clients.”

The Value of Travel Professionals

Today, the world of travel is more complex and demanding than ever before, with precious vacation time becoming increasingly valuable. In fact, a recent study published by Pew Research indicates that 46% of American workers take less paid time off than they are offered.

This is where travel professionals like the Victorsons come into play. They can help you take advantage of that well-earned time off, ensuring trips that will create a lifetime of memories.

Here are eight compelling reasons why you should always consider booking your travel with a trusted travel agency:

1.   They Take the Work Off Your Hands

When you partner with a travel professional, you're not just getting a search engine or an anonymous voice behind a phone call. These experts help you select destinations, accommodations, and transportation, so all you have to do is pack your bags and go.

2.   They Add a Human Element

Travel professionals treat you as a person, not a number. They're genuinely invested in your happiness and satisfaction, ensuring every trip you book has positive, lifelong memories. They are with you before, during, and after your journey, becoming friends through it all.

3.   They Weather the Storms for You… Literally

While no one can control the weather, travel professionals such as the Victorsons can adjust your plans when natural disasters or system failures disrupt your trip. They act as advocates, helping you navigate changes in travel dates or destinations.

4.   American Cruises & Tours Can Tackle the BIG Groups

Planning travel for large groups, especially multigenerational vacations, can be challenging. “Our agency can alleviate the stress of coordinating various ages and preferences, making the process much smoother,” shared Joanne.

5.   They Keep Up With Travel Trends

Travel agencies and professionals invest time and effort to understand the dynamics of the destinations they offer. They keep updated on events, like hurricane recovery in the Caribbean or changes in travel regulations to places like Cuba.

6.   They Can Save You Valuable Time & Stress

Planning a trip can be fun, but it can also become stressful quickly. Leave things to professionals with the knowledge and experience to save you time and ease the stress of booking on your own.

7.   It’s All About Value

“Contrary to popular belief, using a travel professional can save you money,” said Dean. “We can access exclusive amenities, discounts, and bonuses for your trip that you might not get on your own.”

8.   Assurance and Reassurance 

Travel can be anxiety-inducing, especially with unpredictable events and advisories. Let someone trained in travel planning soothe your anxieties by providing expert advice and assisting in making the best choices.

Planning Your Next Adventure

When it comes to planning a dream vacation, Dean and Joanne offer some valuable insights. Dean recommends planning a year or more in advance for those eyeing a big international destination like Europe or Asia. Waiting until the last minute rarely results in cost savings. And you may not get the holiday amenities or perks you were hoping for.

If you're ready for a warm-weather escape soon, consider destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, or Arizona.

In the words of Dean, "There are so many facets of travel that people don't think about. You need to ensure you're not taken advantage of. When working with a travel agency, whether American Cruises & Tours or anyone else, be sure to ask plenty of questions. You need to feel good about who you are working with."


Shop Local: Partner with American Cruises & Tours for Your Next Getaway

American Cruises & Tours specializes in small group travel to domestic and international locations, with experience supporting groups as large as 100 people. Further, they do an abundance of generational travel for family and friends. So if you are grandparents looking to take the family on a cruise or to Disney World, American Cruises & Tours has you covered.

Whether you're planning a solo adventure, a destination wedding, a cruise, or any other type of trip, they offer personalized service tailored to your needs.

As you contemplate your next travel adventure, whether for this winter or the upcoming year, consider contacting American Cruises & Tours at (651) 485-4111. You can also watch their website (https://act-victour.com/) for upcoming tours and deals that might inspire your next incredible journey.


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