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Neat Method KC

Professionally Transforming your Space and your Time

Celsie Sneden, owner of Neat Method Kansas City says, “When it comes to living in your home, you should like what you see.” Neat KC offers a Professional Home Organizing Service that takes the stress out of projects like space organizing, moving and unpacking, downsizing or rightsizing, one-on-one paper filing and space design. “We maximize the function of any space,” she says. “The luxury is in the service and you are left with a turnkey space.” 

From start to finish they even take away trash, drop off donations and make all returns. A Topeka native, Celsie originally began working with the franchise at Neat Chicago where she was impressed not only with the company itself but by the support of her team and mentors. In 2017 she came home to Kansas, and she brought Neat Method along with her, starting up Neat KC. She and her team are celebrating their fifth year servicing the Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka areas, and the value in their service has clearly caught on.

“We come in, and we implement systems that are maintainable,” Celsie shares. “Personalized function is the key, I want to make sure that I am offering my client something worth investing in.” She shares that many of her clients have become friends, which is not surprising given her positive and encouraging demeanor in addition to her zest for organizing. “I am so grateful to my clients for trusting us in their homes. Each client is a priority. We may have many clients, but they only have one organizer.” 

Celsie shares that when it comes to organizing, clients are really only dealing with three things: “stuff, space and priority.” She says it is important to look at what activities regularly happen in your space, what its natural function is and what things are working and what isn't. Celsie is happy to share some of her organizing tips:

  • Begin by setting aside a time when you won’t be rushed or hurried. 

  • “Starting can be the hardest part,” she says. “Start small, like with a drawer you can take out and go through while watching a TV show. Begin with things you are not emotionally attached to.”

  • Celsie says she uses the following rule: “if it takes two minutes or less then do it now, that will save you valuable time at the end of your day.”

  • Never let junk mail into the house, toss it in the recycling bin before entering 

  • Get rid of all items without matches or pairs such as socks, Tupperware, etc.

  • Give all well-loved items to charity, like sheets and towels. Many animal rescues are in need of these items and they will go to good use.

  • Take photos of keepsake items versus actually keeping them.

  • Have an active donation bin in the garage to continually add to.

  • Give everything a permanent home or dedicated space, like your phone charger.

  • Pitch anything past its expiration date such as coupons, foods, spices or beauty products.

  • Stay on top of shredding old paperwork and receipts.

  • Allow kids or reluctant organizers to have one drawer or basket to store their “treasures.”

  • For school-age kids have a bin used to collect art and paperwork from the school year to be sorted through at the end of each semester before going on to keepsake bins.

  • Turn artwork into books, by using services like Artkive.

  • Don't buy storage products without first assessing your space and what is going to live there.

  • Don't hold on to gifts that hold no value to you or serve no purpose. If it is taking up space and time, then let it go.

For more information on Neat KC contact 785-213-5781 or email