Need More Home Space?

This House Remodeling Company That Specializes In Quality Renovations Can Add To Any And All Areas

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Showcase Photographers

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

"We get customers the space they need, for whatever reasons, along with the best remodeling experiences possible," assures RSU Contractors owner Mark Williams.

Mark's team has been handling big projects since 1982, including room additions, basements, attics and whole-house remodels. 

Many homeowners learned during 2020 their current space doesn't work for being a full-time, multifunctional, learning and living space, summarizes John Stafford, RSU design and remodeling manager. Indoor escapes, larger kitchens and office areas are in demand. "Whether remodeling your entire house or focusing on frequently used rooms, we deliver high-quality design, materials and workmanship from start to finish," he says. 


  1. Transform basements into coveted, multipurpose spaces that are open layouts and cozy, fun extensions of homes. 
  2. Homeowners are prioritizing having more functional, welcoming kitchens with staying power that work for entire families. 
  3. Leverage RSU Contractors' fully customized design/build process to transform ideas into contemporary, inspiring living spaces.
  4. Home offices, now sometimes considered "service zones," can include organized, renovated areas in kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and attics. 
  5. Whether gutting old bathrooms, constructing new tile showers, replacing old vanities/tops, or installing all new fixtures, RSU Contractors excels in this specialty.

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