nellamoon: be the bright light

A Candle Business Born Out Of Desire To Help People Shine Their Light And Live Their Best Life

Arielle St. Pe came by it naturally, being raised in Mississippi and being blessed with a mother who “had amazing taste.” As a youngster, she happily soaked up the talent and secrets of Southern charm and sparkle. From that young age, she emulated her mother’s talent for decorating and assembling outfits, along with her kind and loving spirit.

Changing her outfits and earrings as often as she could, Arielle always was about creating. Even after her mother’s passing when she was 12 years old, Arielle continued to create, which led to designing and selling clothes and jewelry. Majoring in business and fashion design and coming from a “strong bloodline of entrepreneurs,” she admits she’d always intended on creating her own business.

During an internship in New York City at Ralph Lauren, Arielle says she realized she missed the South. With Nordstrom opening a new location, she moved to Nashville to help open the store. She stayed on to style and sell, while creating her original pieces. Then she discovered candle making, and the stars and moon aligned! She began to sell her gorgeously scented and packaged candles online and at yoga studios.

The mission of her candles is affirmation. They are hope; a literal beacon of light. The focus is on self-love, compassion and mental health.

Arielle says the creation and naming of nellamoon in 2015 allowed her to do what she’s always wanted:  Invent and build something “that we could do together,” referring to the inspiration her mother has been in her life. The name -- nellamoon -- is a heartwarming reference to Arielle’s mother, a combination of Arielle’s nickname and her mother’s favorite symbol.

Arielle’s own positivity and exuberance met her business ideal head-on, with nellamoon as a force of good that contributes to many charities.

nellamoon is located in a charming white barn at 7305 Nolensville Road. Gift cards are available.


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