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Never. Give. Up

The McKinley Family share their WHY

Never. Give. Up. To the McKinley family, this motto is more than just a cliche, it’s words to live by and thrive by. Circumstances fluctuate. Plans change. The tumultuous world we all find ourselves in throws us curve balls, but no matter the situation, we can continue to move forward, doing our best. 

Jennifer and Eian McKinley know this firsthand, as they have been business owners during good times and bad, through several recessions, all while raising a family and purposefully impacting the community of Castle Rock and the Front Range. The common thread that runs through their two business ventures and their family is to provide safety and health to their clients, offer a helping hand to those in the community, and to never give up. 

The result? Two McKinley family-owned businesses that provide the highest quality of workmanship and products. Introducing Celtic Roofing and Family Hemp Co; two companies located here in Castle Rock and owned by one amazing family. 

The McKinley Family Story

Not one to pass up a good “how we met'' story, it was heartening to listen to Eian and Jennifer recount the way they met. Always the hopeless romantic, Eian beamed as he talked about seeing Jenneifer for the first time. She sheepishly admitted they ran into each other at the Cherry Cricket Bar in Cherry Creek. It was love at first… or second glance … and they married in November of 2000.

Jennifer is a Colorado born-and-raised native who grew up in Littleton. After school, she had several jobs around town and even worked at the Denver Zoo. (This would come in handy years later when wrangling four kids, four animals, two businesses and a husband). Eian grew up in Neenah, Wisconsin,  and as an Irishman, he also has his dual citizenship in the Emerald Isle. After school, he left America’s Dairyland to find his fortune by fishing the frigid seas off the coast of Alaska and Washington. After a particularly harrowing experience at sea, he decided that staying alive was a priority for him, so he packed up his belongings and headed to Colorful Colorado. Having once traveled here, Eian was enamored with the beauty of the Centennial State and chose this destination as his new beginning. Enjoying life in Denver is how he met Jennifer that fateful evening, and for the past 20-plus years, they’ve worked side-by-side not only in business but in raising four children and being an integral part of the Castle Rock community. Their joy comes from meeting people and helping take care of their problems. 

The four McKinley kids are bound and determined to outdo their overachieving parents by excelling scholastically and playing every sport available in Castle Rock. Ballet? Check. Football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball? Check. Honor roll at DCHS? For sure. Accepted to CSU? Yep. As the family is so involved with our local schools and sports, Celtic Roofing and Family Hemp Co sponsor the kids sports programs offered at the Castle Rock Rec Centers, with Eian coaching many, many of these teams. “We love our town. We want to give back to our great community through the programs they offer families.” 

Celtic Roofing - The Story 

Celtic Roofing is a woman-owned business as Jennifer is the principal and majority owner. (Because it’s so rare, the idea of a roofing company being owned and run by a woman makes us happy!) During the early days of Celtic Roofing, she was the glue that held the company together. As any business owner knows, many hats are worn for years while building a company. Jennifer managed the office, the customers, the marketing and the books. Go ahead and add to that motherhood and you have yourself a true Superwoman! Eventually, raising four sweet children became her primary focus, and she was kind enough to hand the reins over to Eian, who now runs Celtic with a team of fantastic people. Eian’s 30-plus years of roofing experience translates into vast amounts of clients all over Colorado who are beyond satisfied with the Celtic experience. Every customer becomes a part of the Celtic clan, and is treated with the utmost respect.

The teamwork between Jennifer and Eian is evident daily as they work together to run an honest and ethical roofing company. Eian has grown the business to include commercial projects as well as residential, mountain homes, and with a focus on barns and metal roofs on the Eastern plains. In the high country, he has also begun a “Fire Resistant” campaign to replace the wood shake roofs on homes and replace them with a fire resistant system that will help protect these homes from harm. With the goal of helping protect others, the McKinleys are offering the latest state-of-the-art roofs that keep others safe. Speaking of, the famous “UFO House” in Genesee is one of the projects that Eian has worked on that he is most proud of. “It was an honor to be asked to work on such an iconic home and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to ensure it’s indefinite survival,” he says.

Family Hemp Co - The Rest of the Story 

Owning and operating a thriving roofing company that serves the Denver Metro area, the Eastern Plains and the Mountain towns of Colorado only spurred the desire in Eian and Jennifer to expand their reach and opportunity to help others. In 2017, the research began to find ethical sources for high quality CBD. Sustainable and organic farming were a must. Local growers who uphold the highest standards were interviewed and visited by Eian until he found the perfect sources for his line of CBD products. When asked why a roofer would be interested in a CBD business, Eian responded, “I have tried so many products that were garbage that I want to provide an additive free, organic and pure product that is helpful for anyone and affordable to all.” Makes sense! Thus, Family Hemp Co was born in 2018 with a CBD product line that promotes health and relaxation to humans as well as pets. “What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and our attention to detail. We know what products will help with sleep and anxiety. We know what to recommend for sore joints and muscles. And we can stand behind the cultivating process knowing that each and every product is the absolute best available on the market today. On top of that, we have made them accessible to everyone through competitive pricing.”  Family Hemp Co offers several types of CBD including full spectrum and THC-free, tinctures, fizzy tabs, topicals and even a skin care line. (Our favs: Roll With It for those sore joints and muscles as well as the All-Nighter face serum. Heavenly! Check out the product names as well for a fun twist on what each one offers).

Giving Back - Loving Local 

“We are thankful for every job we have ever done and every single customer we have ever had,” says Jennifer. “We have been through hard times in our lives and are so grateful for the help that was there when we needed it. We want to make certain we give back to our Town and other organizations that help others.” The McKinley family has several organizations they have supported over the years. Giving of their time and resources is a way they feel they can contribute to the overall good in the world and to helping others. Eian mentioned that he particularly loves the work done by the Help and Hope Center here in town as well as St. Jude’s Children's Hospital. He also works with the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation, the Castle Rock Police Department, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and the ER workers at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. 

Supporting local businesses is also at the top of their list. Some of the McKinley family shopping favorites around Castle Rock are the Barn and the Emporium, Mercantile by Farmgirl Foods and the Rhyolite Gallery. After a day of shopping you may find the family of six eating at Ecclesia, Scileppi’s, the B&B or Pegasus. “Knowing we can frequent local businesses makes us feel like we are doing our part to support our local community.” 

How refreshing is it to know a reliable, ethical roofer who also happens to supply high quality CBD at a great price while raising their four children to love the community and give back to others? Makes us smile and feel blessed to live here in Castle Rock with such amazing humans. 

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Never give up.