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Never MIssed a Shot

Brendan Ericson/ Allstate Insurance

Since we just passed March Madness, a story comes to mind about my friend Scott.  I said, "I'm running to the kitchen, yell if something happens." Then the game was over.  I missed the final buzzer beater. We aren't friends anymore.  I replaced him with Brendon..  Brendon never misses a shot and also never misses a beat.

Its very rare to find someone who truly cares more about others than they do themselves.  As an insurance and financial agent with Allstate for more than 12 years, Brendan has made it common practice to not just help his clients, but to help others in general. 

In addition to helping hundreds of clients protect their families and their future, Brendon has helped and equipped more than 35 other Allstate agents to secure their clients future.

This is the Men's Issue.  This issue salutes Brendon, not just for being an amazing insurance agent, but for being an amazing man.  We can talk about insurance all day but you know about insurance.  Its not the insurance that has your back, its Brendon. advice.....yep he has that.  More importantly he has character.

Husband, Father, Friend.....oh yah.. he also handles insurance.

Brendon Ericson...Allstate