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New Dog, No Tricks

Helping Pups and Their Humans Know How to Speak (Plus Sit, Rollover & Lie Down)

‘You can’t teach old dogs new tricks is nothing but a challenge for Peter Plourde, owner of Better Manners Dog Training. He spent time with my fiancé Cameron and I, helping us with our 4-month old yellow lab, Callie. WIth 20 years of dog-training experience, he shares these tips about understanding your pup

  1. Knowing your dog's unique body language is a crucial part of your relationship. A high raised tail could mean the dog is on alert, while a tail even with the body, is a sign of contentment and feeling safe 

  2. A squeaky, high-pitched voice is like a treat to a dog to let them know they're doing something right, while a low pitch, almost growl, will alert that they are doing something wrong 

  3. Assign your dog a blanket or towel if you want them to cuddle with you on the couch. This way when guests come over, they know if the blanket is on the floor, so are they.

“The thing I've had to learn is I'm really training the owners, not the dogs,” said Plourde. Training is entirely based on the relationships between owner and dog, not a trick for a treat. Find more information and schedule an appointment with Peter at his website.

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