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New Kids on Block

Our move to Treasure Valley and beginning a new chapter in Eagle

Article by Heather Ruiz, @BoiseSocial

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

No one ever said moving into a new area and starting over was easy. To make things more challenging, we are building a new home in Dry Creek Ranch. We’ve been doing all of this remotely, and if you think online learning was difficult, try dealing with the process of uprooting your life, building a new home, packing up your old home, and preparing for a move to a new state with three kids: one starting her freshman year, and the other two heading into elementary school. Our home completion date has been delayed (seems typical lately) and we have to rent until we can move into our forever home.

I'm a pretty organized person, so when we knew Eagle was going to be our new home, I started researching the best schools for my kids, but most importantly, getting my incoming freshman on board with our move. It hasn't been easy, but we all know that nothing worth doing is easy, but try explaining this to a soon-to-be highschooler. Younger kids are pretty resilient, so I’m positive our boys will do just fine.  These days we’re lucky to have an endless amount of information available at our fingertips. Joining Facebook groups in the Eagle area has helped us with questions and recommendations of schools, sports, etc. The people of Eagle have been welcoming and helpful and that makes things much easier. 

After calling the school, l discovered cheerleading tryouts were approaching.  I booked a flight with my daughter so she could try out and meet the cheer team. The other girls were very welcoming towards her, but I'm not surprised. She ended up making the team and several new friends. As for our boys, they met new kids when we visited the neighborhood we’ll be moving into soon.

It’s a lot of work to get plugged into a new community. Kids are adaptable and moving isn’t as hard on them as we think. I’m positive when we move into our new home our kids will make friends quickly. Usually the kids in your neighborhood are the ones they’ll be in school with…so it’s an instant connection. With all the growth happening in the area, there are going to be a lot of new kids at school and I tell my kids this all the time. Once they start school and all their activities, they'll make friends and it will become home. We are all so excited to begin our journey and a new chapter in Eagle.

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