Jewelry Reimagined

Style Ideas with Jewelfire Diamonds of Arvada

Article by Monty Montgomery

Photography by Sean McNeil, Apen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Jewelry, although sometimes commonly misconceived as “materialistic,” is highly personal. Whether it be your late grandmother’s wedding ring, an engagement ring from a special friend, or a prized necklace from your mother, the items we wear are often symbolic of something more than simple metal and gems. So instead of approaching a chain jeweler, why not consult a local shop that specializes in custom jewelry design while retaining that pure emotional value?

Enter Jewelfire Diamonds in Arvada, owned by Grant and Carrie Speed. The Speeds have two stores--one at 80th & Wadsworth and the other at 7674 Grandville Avenue. The first thing you’ll notice upon approaching Jewelfire is its highly personalized customer experience.

Once you’ve signed off on Jewelfire's services, owner Grant Speed will sit down with you for a one-on-one consultation. It’s a quick and easy meeting during which you’ll go through any designs you might have scraped from Etsy or Google--or an original idea you’ve been considering. After Grant has a mental picture of the project, he can go to work. “In that initial consultation, we’re just trying to get the customer’s image translated to my head. Then we’re good to go.”

Jewelfire has a handful of offerings to keep your pieces refreshed and modern, from their custom design work to repurposing and updating services, but most importantly, they understand the emotional value that customers attach to their jewelry. Grant says their typical client will bring in an outdated wedding ring that a grandparent, parent, or other late relative held dear. “Updating old jewelry that’s been passed down through family is probably our most popular customer request.”

After seeing Jewelfire’s work, customers are commonly stunned, amazed, or an endearing combination of the two. The timetable from consultation to delivery is quite short, too. Grant says, “Orders typically take as little as two weeks, or as long as a month.” While most chain jewelry stores take six to eight weeks to repair or upgrade jewelry, Jewelfire cuts the maximum timetable down to four weeks. Grant adds, “People are amazed at how quickly we deliver, without sacrificing quality." Drop off your jewelry, chat with Grant for 10 minutes, and pick up your newly repurposed piece in just a few weeks. It’s as simple as that.

Grant has always been passionate about jewelry but wasn’t always in the crafting and repairing space. In fact, he started out in jewelry sales, but after selling for a handful of years, he thought it time to put his own hands to work. Fast-forward to today, and Grant holds over 27 years of tenure in the jewelry space.

Lastly, Grant has a unique tip for customers who are unsure of what to do with grandma’s late wedding ring. It’s shockingly simple, with a touch of foolproof logic: “Ask yourself, ‘what would my grandma want me to do with it?’” When combined with Grant’s consultation, customers typically land on an idea worthy of grandma’s approval.

Whether you’re searching for a feet-sweeping ring, a custom jewelry design, or a shop that’ll invigorate your outdated piece, Jewelfire Diamonds' two locations on Wadsworth and on Grandville Avenue in Arvada have you covered. Visit their website at or call (303) 404-0400 to book an immediate consultation with Grant.

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