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John Perea

Green Valley Ranch is about to get healthier!  Dr. John Perea and wife Elizabeth Perea are opening their new chiropractic clinic, Good Life Family Chiropractic, this month and couldn't be happier about joining this community.  Dr. John, a Colorado native, fell in love with the idea of becoming a chiropractor in high school.  After a year long mentorship and seeing first hand how transformative and highly beneficial chiropractic was to so many different people, he knew that was the career for him!  He has been practicing chiropractic and helping his patients live their best, healthy life and achieve their health goals since 2005.  There is much to be celebrated about chiropractic work, however, Dr. John’s favorite is that he can help keep people healthy with spinal alignments rather than instantly reaching for pharmaceuticals or even surgery.  

So, why chiropractic? Chiropractic healing is a non-invasive adjustment to help relieve pressure on the nervous system. The nervous system is the system that controls all others and therefore is critical to the healthy functioning of the body.  All the daily stress in our lives can put extra pressure on the spine, this pressure then can affect nerve flow.  This can also impact muscle tension, organ function, and also pain or numbness.  Relieving this pressure leaves patients feeling lighter, taller, sleeping better, less stressed, and with improved mood and focus.

The biggest misconception around chiropractic might be that you have to have been in some type of accident, hurt, or sick to benefit from or need a chiropractic adjustment.  However, this is definitely not true.  The benefits of a chiropractic adjustment extend to just about everyone!  Dr. John treats kids over two all the way up to more elderly patients.  He adjusts people who are healthy in order to maintain their health and athletes who have no pain in order to keep their bodies in the best condition possible and functioning at the highest level.  Dr. John loves seeing prenatal and pediatric patients. (His 7 kids have made him more than comfortable with these patients!)  

If you have been injured, are in pain, sit all day at work, have stress in your life, are healthy and want to maintain that health, or are an athlete looking to up your performance, you need to check out Good Life Family Chiropractic.  The homey feeling and welcoming environment will not disappoint!  

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