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New Year, New Habits

Local experts give advice on how to develop healthy habits in 2021.


In order to achieve a healthier smile, you need to take charge.

“Commit to being proactive and do the little things every day that will lead to huge benefits. Consistency is key. Healthy food choices in combination with a few minutes of home care a day will make a huge difference. Take the time to brush and floss every day [as there should be] no rest days here. 

Keep up with routine dental checkups to avoid major problems. I have seen a large increase in cracked teeth, sore jaws and cavities due to patients delaying care and [having] increased stress over the last year. Avoid emergencies by focusing on prevention.  

I believe people who keep their teeth live longer happier lives. I have also seen people with straighter, whiter teeth take great pride in their smiles and themselves; the increased self-confidence of a beautiful smile shines through. People look better, feel better and take better care of themselves. I know if you invest in your smile, it pays dividends in your overall health and happiness. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2021, full of smiles. I hope you are, too.”, (248)-539-3600


Floating can lead to improved mental health and wellness, which improves quality of life. 

“We live such fast-paced, digital, connected lives. It's all so much that we rarely give our minds a chance to unwind, disconnect and relax. And it goes without saying that the past year has introduced us to a whole new set of challenges.

One of the primary benefits of floatation therapy is stress reduction. Also known as isolation therapy or sensory deprivation, floating removes external stimuli, including light and sound, and allows the brain to rest and rejuvenate with no distractions. Scientific studies have shown that floating actually lowers blood pressure and levels of cortisol, commonly known as ‘the stress hormone.’

Additionally, teens and young adults with ADD/ADHD have been described as more focused, easier to control and less hyper, following a recent float. Floating has also been used as a treatment option for PTSD. Finally, floating can enhance creativity, learning and memory.

When we are free of depression, anxiety, excessive stress and worry, we are more able to live our lives to the fullest. This helps us to have healthy relationships, make good life choices, handle the natural ups and downs of life and discover and grow towards our full potential. Most clients experience impressive benefits after just one float but can experience even more positive results from long periods of routine use. For healthy living, many clients prefer to float once a week or once a month.”, (248)-702-0990


Although running is beneficial, it can cause injuries if runners are not aware of their foot structure.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have been seeing a steady increase in patients with running injuries, ranging from amateur to professional. Running during this pandemic is not only a method of stress relief but also serves to strengthen our immune system. However, no matter the level of expertise in running, all runners need to be aware of their foot structure and any other deformities present to prevent injuries and stay strong.

For instance, runners with flat feet have excessive pronation, which contribute to injuries that can lead to long-term problems. On the other hand, runners with higher arches tend to have pain and discomfort in the ball of the foot and Achilles tendon.

Running shoes should be chosen in the correct category of midsole stability to address running biomechanics. I recommend getting some type of gait analysis to determine how much support is needed in the mid-foot of the running shoe. Another helpful tip is to consider over-the-counter or custom orthotics, which are the only devices that place the foot in neutral by providing the correct tilt in the heel, as well as arch support. Proper custom orthotics can provide the support needed to run without problems. Over-the-counter orthotics may help; however, since they may be bought incorrectly and are made of flexible material, they provide limited support.”, (248)-538-3030


The secret to longevity is directly linked to seniors’ lifestyles, eating habits and mental and physical activities. 

“Loneliness, poor diet, lack of socialization, absence of mental stimulus and reduced physical activity can cause depression and a feeling of hopelessness. Most often, seniors living alone refuse to accept assistance and advice from their friends and family partially out of pride and partially out of consideration for the busy lives of their loved ones. On the other hand, with a family to raise, jobs to attend and projects to finish around the house, sons and daughters cannot always satisfy the mental and physical needs of their elderly parents. This creates a vicious cycle of need, isolation and depression for seniors.

Currently, however, more and more seniors are realizing that their home with all its memories, charm and familiarity is no longer adequate. With the advice, assistance and blessing of their loved ones, more seniors are deciding to change their lifestyle and move into an appropriate senior community. Senior living communities are no longer ‘old folks’ homes.’ In every city, there are multiple suitable, refined and even ideal senior communities with relaxed, fun and cheerful settings for seniors to enjoy life, make new friends and, above all, stay safe, secure and healthy.”, (248)-681-8000


Finding balance is key.

“We often demand a lot of our body and mind without taking into consideration that we must regularly care for them both to perform our optimal level. Having a regular routine of exercise that will prevent injuries and sustain our physical health is crucial.

Furthermore, we must provide our minds with a chance to unload all the stress built up over the course of a day. We know at Warrior Way Martial Arts that a student who regularly trains in the martial arts has a sharper, clearer mind and a stronger, healthier body.”, (248)-960-4884


It’s not just what you put into your body but what you’re taking out that will help you stay healthy.

“Americans know how to eat well, but many don’t know how to clean out their bodies. I use traditional Chinese medicine to allow the body to heal itself without the use of chemicals.

When people have pain, there is a blockage somewhere, so it’s important to find where the blockage is and release the blood and fluids that are causing the blockage, so that fresh blood can circulate through the body and heal itself. This generates more energy, so I recommend cupping or acupuncture if people want to stay strong and healthy.”, (248)-956-7659


There are simple steps people must take in order to ensure their eyes stay healthy.

“The first and most important is regular eye exams. A good comprehensive eye exam can help detect eye conditions early and help before they become a problem. Many eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration don’t have symptoms in the early stages but can cause permanent damage if not treated early enough, so eye exams at a minimum of every two years are recommended.

The second important step is proper eye protection. UV protection outdoors is the most important, along with safety eye wear in certain situations. Other helpful products for glasses are anti-glare for safe driving at night and polarization for safe driving during the day. Safe contact lens use, and switching to the healthiest option, which is daily disposable lenses, is also important.

The last step is that a healthy body helps keep your eyes healthy. Most medical conditions in the body, especially vascular ones like diabetes and high blood pressure, can affect eye health, so diet and exercise is important for your eyes, too!”, (248)-360-4300


There has never been a more crucial time to prioritize health and fitness. 

“We believe being fit is our top defense against illness, and we strive to help our members create a lifestyle inside and outside of the gym that will keep them healthy and feeling great for life. Having knowledgeable coaches and a gym that cares about their unique goals is the best way to see health and fitness results. 

In a year spent at home and sitting at computers more, we've all noticed more aches and pains popping up. These limitations can be addressed, so we can all get moving and feeling better. Along with staying active, proper nutrition is key in illness prevention and reaching our goals. We believe in learning to eat well to fuel our bodies, as well as reach goals in a sustainable way. 

We want 2021 to be the community's best year yet for health and fitness and can't wait to help more clients have an amazing and healthy year.”, (248)-775-7348

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