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New You in 2022

Fitness and health coach Nicole Glor strives to motivate individuals to achieve their exercise and health goals. Through a series of her NikkiFitness branded videos and books, Nicole's high energy will motivate individuals to push out of their comfort zones. We asked Nicole to share her top fitness tips for those starting a new exercise routine or those looking to switch it up at home or in the gym!

Tip #1 from fitness expert Nicole Glor:

Resolutions are time to wipe away regrets from the last calendar year and begin with a fresh outlook. When setting your resolution, ask yourself, what is your intention for 2022? Are your goals spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, or all of the above? 

If your goal is spiritual, emotional or stress relief, resolve to start your day with a mindful meditation. I always say “stretch your lungs before you stretch your legs,” and taking slow, long deep breaths along with focusing on mantras like, “let go, go with the flow, be present and be grateful.” (The mantras will keep your mind from wandering.)

Tip #2: Meditate more often

Meditation in the morning sets the tone for the day, makes you grounded, in the moment, and in tune with whats’s important. For beginner meditators, I recommend apps like Calm or Head Space for 10 minute guided meditation. If you have more time, add one of my free yoga classes by subscribing to the Nikkifitness Channel on YouTube, you’ll breathe and get the blood flowing, then end in a savasana mediation (final relaxation pose). 

Tip #3: Multitask your workouts

If your goal is a physical resolution, like weight loss, toning up, rehabbing from an injury, extending your life or just tapping into feel-good endorphins, be sure to multitask your workouts to save time, and cross train.

Multitasking works by doing upper body toning, lower body strength, core and cardio all at once, like biceps curls along with lunges in one move or burpee push-ups. Multitasking can cut workout time in half, making it more realistic to fit in your schedule.

Mentally, adding cardio into your workouts brings energizing, feel-good endorphins so you are guaranteed a good mood before you finish! Yoga and focused breathing bring about a peaceful “afterglow” that can last all day! 

Tip #4: Switch up your nutrition

Nutrition is an important component to your exercise schedule. Keeping a workout and food diary will keep you in track with my next bit of advice: instead of doing a cleanse, add more water and vegan foods to your life. Food is medicine and superfoods that are not processed will do wonders for weight loss and longevity. 

If your resolutions are social, like more post-pandemic gatherings or cutting down on social drinking, it’s good for you to chose many non-drinking dates like afternoon tea, hikes, and group fitness classes when you plan friend hang time! 

Tip #5: Put intentions into action

The final step is implementing your intentions! Do this locally by planned weekly walking or running at Greenwich Beach with a friend.  “Forest bathing” on the Mianus River trail will connect you to nature and your friends, while providing exercise, hitting the “all of the above” goal category with no regrets the next day, or year!