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Next Level Scooters has dominated the personal scooter space around Denver. You can get that downtown Denver feeling with your own personalized scooter experience. These aren't your son's Razor scooters; he brings education and experience to a new level with personal mobility. Next Level Scooters is more than just a fun ride for the owner and operator, Lanny. He takes pride in providing a personalized experience for novice to experts, and everyone in between. His passion started as a mobile business that quickly grew into a full-fledged empire, as one of the first personal mobility shops in the city. He knew that the downtown joy rides wouldn't be going anywhere soon. Still, Lanny wanted to ensure there was an alternative for everyone else. Lanny handles things himself from his shop and storefront. From maintenance to repairs and parts, once you invest in your own Next Level Scooter, you have support whenever you need it. Being a part of the community is essential for Next Level as they continue to grow and serve more people. Lanny has seen it all, from those looking to escape the climbing gas prices to out-of-town visitors looking for a faster way around the city; the scooters at Next Level can reach speeds of up to 75mph and have over a 100-mile range. As the weather starts to warm up, Lanny sees an uptick in business. More people realize that personal mobility doesn't have to mean slowing down. Next LevelScooters is a premier dealer in high-end personal mobility scooters that get you where you need to go. They're perfect for summer breaks or taking visitors around your neighborhood. Lanny has even taken the scooters on trips with his son for a quick ride and a day bite to eat. 

Lanny knew Next Level would be an integral part of the Denver area. After seeing how states like California have introduced this alternative transport, he knew that Denver needed something similar. next Level is also the top dealer of Dualtron scooters, the world's best personal mobility brand. Dualtron and the other brands offered at Next Level take your mobility seriously. These models are something serious, most reaching speeds of upwards of 70+ mph and over 100-mile range so that you can get where you want to go. These scooters are seriously something else, with rugged and durable styles so that you are safe and economical. No one is immune to rising gas prices. And in a city like Denver, having options to get around means more time to explore. Between public transportation, your vehicles, and pay-as-you-go rides like Uber, Next Level is here to shake up the space and give you something new to experience. These aren't the lime scooters of downtown; these scooters mean business. Next Level carries some of the best in models, equipment, and gear. Lanny doesn't just provide the ride; he also solely handles his customers' equipment. That means you get exclusive access to his expertise and advice for your Next Level Scooter. He takes all of this from his garage and workspace, so you get a personalized experience every time. 

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