Healthy Snacking

With Triple Crown Bakery

Easy to make? Delicious? Healthy? It's hard to find a recipe that meets all of those requirements, so we turned to our friends at Triple Crown Bakery in downtown Franklin to help us come up with something. These no bake little balls of protein are so good they can replace your dessert. They're even filling enough to pop in your mouth for a healthy breakfast bite. And best of all, they are quick and easy to prepare. 

No Baked Organic Peanut Butter Energy Balls

6 cups  Bulk Organic Rolled Oats

4 cups Bulk Organic Coconut

3-1/2 cups Organic Peanut Butter

2 cups Raw Honey

3-1/2 cups Organic Mini Chocolate Chips

1 Tbs. Vanilla

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, roll into small balls, and place on a sheet pan and cool in refrigerator till firm.  

Makes approximately 100 balls

Triple Crown Bakery 

735 Columbia Avenue



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