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Life-changing experience with "No Limits"

Transforming clients from the inside out with unparalleled results.

 Sako Yakinian is a firm believer that faith, confidence, consistency, discipline, and relentless perseverance are the keys to success.  

As founder and president of No Limit Personal Training, Sako pursues his passion for health and fitness while helping others realize the best version of themselves.

Guiding others along their path to wellness inspires Sako’s efforts, always evolving his business to meet the needs of his treasured clients.  

To inspire his team, Sako posts the following quote—“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Each day, Sako’s dedicated team works to change their clients’ lives for the better.

“When you can change a person's beliefs about themselves, what they can or cannot do, that’s what helps create long-lasting habits. A changed person [equals a] changed life,” he says.

Sako worked tirelessly for three years to make his dream of opening a full-scale fitness facility a reality, making countless sacrifices and working nonstop along the way.

Since 2009, NLPT has offered clients a variety of choices when it comes to taking charge of their personal fitness and well-being.

Semi-private and group training sessions are available, as well as a 1:1 online training program, fully customized for a uniquely individualized approach. 

The semi-private personal training program starts with an individual assessment to set personal goals, followed by a completely personalized plan to help reach the desired results.  

Group training consists of engaging exercise that focuses on maximum fat loss and strength and conditioning, expertly guided in a motivational environment. 

For kids, Youth Camp takes place once weekly for a duration of six weeks throughout the year. Children from 1st-6th grade learn healthy habits in these hour-long opportunities.

When building a business, having the right people on your team is essential. Sako wholeheartedly understands the value of driven, dedicated teammates—and luckily, he’s surrounded by them.

“The success of a company comes down to your people. Culture is king,” says Sako, who credits NLPT’s success, in part, to his team’s collaborative work ethic. By working together toward a common goal, they’re able to leave their clients happier and healthier than when they started their journey. 

Sako believes that a client can’t truly love a business unless the employees love it first, and his employees are shining examples of that steadfast commitment to their professional calling.

Briana Takanabe, an NLPT Coach and Floor Manager, became passionate about strength and conditioning after suffering a high school injury and starting physical therapy.

As a Senior Coach for NLPT since 2013, Brianna leads with compassion and empathy, which has propelled her to become a leader amongst her coaching colleagues.

She loves encouraging and educating people on exercise and healthy living-learning as much as she can about each client to guide them on their personal path to wellness. 

Client Services Manager Mariah Metoyer, who started off as a client at NLPT, has now become an integral part of the team as well.

Her heart for seeing clients through their personal struggles and exceeding their own expectations inspires her to become stronger—inside and out.

Mariah seeks to spread the love and support she has received through her own life experiences to her NLPT family.

Mariah acts as the glue of the business, handling many of the “behind the scenes” tasks that keep things running smoothly with her “never off-the-clock” mentality, positive attitude, and exceptional customer service skills.

Sako is a strong proponent of effective leadership. “I believe you never stop improving, and I am constantly trying to learn and grow [personally]. I enjoy listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and reading about leadership, business, mindsets, and personal development,” says Sako.  

Transforming clients from the inside out with unparalleled results, Sako and his team at No Limit Personal Training can’t stop—and won’t stop—providing people with a life-changing experience that truly knows “no limits.”


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