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Results-Driven Training

Transforming lives through fitness, nutrition and coaching.

If you could change anything about your physical fitness, what would it be? Whether you have certain areas you’d like to strengthen, or your workout regime needs a total overhaul, No Limit Personal Training is committed to helping you improve from the inside out.

For many people, the guidance and motivation of trained professionals is a crucial part of the fitness equation—and that’s exactly what the coaching team at NLPT consistently delivers.

Helping clients reach and exceed their goals is what sets NLPT apart from the competition, as well as a strong sense of community and a supportive culture.

Since 2009, a commitment to results-driven training is what has fueled many client success stories.

“We pride ourselves on service. Our team's mission is to always leave every single person we come across better than they were before,” says NLPT Owner and President Sako Yakinian. “We do our best to work fast and efficiently for our clients, and our results speak for themselves. To continue to transform lives through fitness, nutrition, and coaching”.

Physical fitness is mostly a mental game. Achieving true change means adopting a positive mindset to overcome the voice inside your head telling you that you can’t. NLPT’s team helps each client knock out every obstacle by shaking up everything they thought they knew about exercise.   

Coaches like Daniel, Briana, Brandon, and Andrew are known for making training fun, as well as keeping things exciting and appropriately challenging for all fitness levels. Mariah is also a key member of the NLPT team.

It’s safe to say that the team at NLPT is more like family, and they get as much motivation from their clients as they give.  

“Watching clients come in struggling and looking for help, then seeing them working weekly towards a goal and an outcome they can’t see—witnessing that transformation physically, mentally, and emotionally along the way inspires us as much as it inspires them,” says Sako.

Sako is no stranger to helping others along their fitness journey, which eventually led to the inception of NLPT.After working with a high schooler to help him lose over 115 pounds in less than 18 months, Sako saw his impact firsthand. He set out on a mission to change people’s lives for the better for the rest of his life—and he never looked back.  

With 13 years in business now under his belt, Sako and his talented trainers stay focused on the future, with continued plans for strengthening their community ties. “In 2022 and beyond, our mission is to connect with as many small businesses in the city as we can, supporting each other and keeping small businesses strong,” Sako says.  

The fitness facility also hosts a youth summer camp for 1st-6th graders every Monday. Kids can come in, work out, stay active, and have fun in a safe, nurturing environment.

The NLPT team sticks to a tried-and-true philosophy when it comes to keeping clients’ eyes on the prize. “We teach clients that with discipline, consistency, hard work, and belief in oneself, anything is possible,” says Sako. “If you have a big enough ‘WHY,’ you’ll always figure out the ‘HOW!’”


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