No Limits on Imagination

The City of Fayetteville continues to grow, thrive, and push the limits to develop a quality hometown.

There are a number of exciting things happening in the City of Fayetteville and for City Manager Ray Gibson, a Canadian citizen, that includes taking the oath of citizenship to become an American citizen this past June. Since October 2014, the City of Fayetteville - which will celebrate its bicentennial next year - has benefited from Gibson's passion and experience, who consistently lives out his commitment to creating a sense of place for Fayetteville residents, businesses and visitors. "A sense of place to me is a live, work, and play environment that is walkable, safe, vibrant, and economically sustainable with its own unique architectural, social and cultural makeup. In Fayetteville, we will continue to focus on our uniqueness to set us apart from other places."

Under the leadership of Mayor Ed Johnson and the City Council, the City of Fayetteville has been able to develop a strong vision with community guidance. As this vision begins to become a reality, Gibson acknowledges, "We have a long way to go with many more exciting things to do, and more importantly, we want to make sure we maintain and enhance what we currently have and build on what makes Fayetteville unique."

The new City Hall is part of the downtown activity center where the goal is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for all. "We're excited to see so many people enjoying the amenities with kids having fun and families coming together." Two-hundred seventy units are currently being built by Walton Communities - a mix of one, two, and a limited number of three-bedroom apartment homes. Leasing will be set up in Triumph Station.

Triumph Station at City Center is being enjoyed by community residents and visitors. Lawn activities are in full bloom with picnics, group exercises, celebrations, music events, and more. There is a splash pad and four pavilions in the park, along with Line Creek Brewing Bus Barn, Scoops ice cream and candy shop, Hog Pit BBQ, and two event venues - Triumph Station and The Dottie. There's also the Hummingbird Room which provides a unique speakeasy experience.

Ray would love to see Fayetteville continue to grow and thrive, and most importantly with the City in line with the vision set out in the City's Strategic Plan including:

  • A City organization that is future-ready, prepared for all events, both positive and negative, and always ensuring fiscal responsibility and economic viability.
  • An enhanced quality of life that includes three major Activity Centers/Nodes - Piedmont Fayette Hospital-Trilith, the Pavilion, and downtown - that include housing and retail options for all, strong business sectors, with the three nodes connected by a multi-use path system.
  • The City being home to new industries in various sectors that are on the list of target industries, and the expansion of existing industries and businesses, along with more entertainment options within the activity centers/nodes.
  • Infrastructure - water, sewer, roads, stormwater, trails - that is effectively serving the needs of the community in the most cost-effective manner, and enhances the overall quality of life.
  • An organization that continues to focus on the development of its greatest asset, its people, and is well known for its commitment to being a high-performing organization.

"No limits on Imagination" is what City leadership wants us to know. "We're building a foundation for future generations to build upon and make their dreams reality." Visit the City online at www.fayetteville-ga.gov.

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