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Peter Egazarian, right, receives

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Northeast Performance Institute

Athletic Coaching in a Modern Age

Northeast Performance Institute, an exciting resource for the Glastonbury athletic community, is a comprehensive sports institute that its founder and director, Peter Egazarian, created to deliver across-the-board training for golf and baseball players of all ages, abilities and genders. 

“Moving to Glastonbury, we’re now in the building with The Apex and Connecticut Physical Therapy Specialists, and through this consortium, we’ve started gaining traction in the sporting community more organically,” Peter says. “We’re giving people new and better ways to accomplish their goals and enjoy what they’re doing. The primary goal of Northeast Performance Institute is to help people leverage technology to simplify their technique and their thought process so they can perform better."

NPI sets a high bar for sports training with its indoor facility in Glastonbury featuring three data-monitoring studios. With a leading-edge focus on technology-driven athletic development, the stations employ the TrackMan radar system to track, measure and record the location, trajectory, and spin of hit golf balls, baseball balls and hockey pucks. Other technologies include 3D Motion Capture and Bio-Mechanical analysis. These technologies offer the most accurate and advanced feedback on players' speed, form and biomechanics.

Biomechanics and junior development are two of the areas Peter is seen as an expert in the industry. One of the Institute’s specialties is working with young athletes with long-range sports career plans. They also assist college-bound athletes with recruitment opportunities through Peter’s widespread network of college coaches and help students and parents navigate the recruitment process.

Peter provides private coaching services via a small competitive group program for inclined kids 5-15-year-olds. “These are competitive kids who play US youth tournaments or want to do that, the highly accelerated type of young person,” he said. “When they graduate from that program, they go on to a more competitive teen program and begin a stronger level of tournament planning requiring more services outside of coaching. A complementary service to this is communications representation to help young athletes manage their image in marketing and social media. We offer it all for these kids, giving them a roadmap to stick to their goals”. 

Among their other services, NPI creates corporate events to empower professional growth through golf, Travelers Insurance being one of their steady clients in this area. They also partner with community organizations to provide free or low-cost golf programs to inner city and disadvantaged youth. 

Peter and his team also train executives at the highest corporate levels.  NPI offers an exclusive executive advancement program and travel golf coaching services which provide on-site instructors to attend resort-based corporate incentive trips.

“We’re really a company helping many different people accomplish their individual goals and have more fun,” he says. 

Northeast Performance Institute

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The primary goal of Northeast Performance Institute is to help people leverage technology to simplify their technique and their thought process so they can perform better." Peter Egazarian

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