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Norwalk Moms Brings Glam Back Into The Streets of Fairfield County

Article by Genie Morris

Photography by Alexandra Szebenyik

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

Get your gowns out girls..

After two years of an empty social calendar, Norwalk Moms founder and influencer Genie Morris has found a way to bring glam back into the streets of Fairfield County. She is breaking boundaries with her local community collaboration and doing so in a haute way ⁠— recruiting everyday mothers from the area to be featured in vogue-quality fashion shoots which feature high-end gowns and spotlight local businesses.

Her community collaborations are highlighting local businesses and entrepreneurs in a unique and glamorous way. “Influencers are all promoting business and products, I wanted to try something different, something special that would get your attention. I love supporting local business and up and coming entrepreneurs but I want to inspire you to dream at the same time. We have all been locked away for what seems like forever and even now things don’t exactly feel like normal. We don’t often get to wear ball gowns and get our photos taken by a Vogue photographer”.  I want people to see the photos and think, I could wear that, I could be that model.-Morris said.

Partnering with Hungarian photographer Alexandra Szebenyik who has featured her work in Vogue Italy, Genie and Alexandra instantly connected over their love of over-the-top styling and their hard work ethic. Being busy moms, their planning meetings are sometimes at 9 or 10 pm, going late into the night. But, I am hungry to create, and Alexandra is the same way ⁠— it's incredible to feel that I have a true creative partner where no idea is too big," Morris said.

Alexandra was living in NYC shooting high fashion editorials and had recently moved to Fairfield County with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. I discovered her on Instagram and thought, "wow, who is this girl? We definitely need to collaborate!" Morris said.

The two are responsible for every step of organizing and executing the shoot ⁠— from picking the looks, model, styling, editing, and selecting the shooting location. Their last shoot was shot at the Glasshouse in New Canaan and was featured in Westport Lifestyle Magazine.

"We want to pick locals that support their community, people we truly believe in. In addition, we find it more interesting to choose women with little to no modeling experience because the transformation is incredible not only with the photos but how they see themselves after the shoot," Said Szebenyik.

Their recent model, Carrie Georgette Kerner, had no modeling experience and ⁠— in her own words ⁠— basically lived in yoga and workout clothes 24/7. "Watching her transform before our eyes was amazing. Of course, we get to visualize the transformation before it happens, so we know what she will generally look like before we shoot, but seeing Carrie see herself and truly love what she saw through this lens was just so special and rewarding," said Szebenyik.

 "I love the challenge of working with everyday moms and turning them into editorial models. It is remarkable to watch them change from sweats to gowns and observe how they see themselves after their transformations. Watching their confidence grow in front of your eyes is so beyond rewarding."  Emphasizes Szebenyik.

The third installment of their collaboration was shot right here on Greenwich Ave at Saks works. It was recently acquired by Convene, a leading hospitality company whose mission is to elevate how people meet, work, and live. "We loved the architecture and design elements found at Saks Works. Each corner and nook provides a perfect backdrop to create these glamorous, and haute looks," Morris explains.