Nosy Norvin

Meet Norvin, Our 2023 Doggie Cover Model Contest Winner

Norvin joined the Jensen family of Bridgewater in March 2022, after Roger and Amy spotted his listing on the Cold Nose Warm Heart NJ Facebook page, which is where the pair also found Norvin’s siblings, Bernie and Jovie. 

Without much known information about him, the couple can only make educated guesses about his breed and age, but they know one thing for sure: He’s a sweetheart! His family has given him the nickname “Nosy Norvin” for his affectionate habit of tapping every person he meets with his nose several times. 

Norvin doesn’t only show affection to humans, though. For the first month that Norvin was part of the family, he continuously checked up on Chuckie, the couple’s senior dog. When Chuckie would have seizures, Norvin was there to give him kisses, and he stayed to give kisses to the rest of his new family when Chuckie passed. 

Norvin loves to spend time with his family, whether it is cuddling or playing catch with his spiky ball. The dog, named for the Norvin Green State Forest in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, also loves the outdoors—so much so that he and his brother Bernie escaped last year to go running down the street! 

Norvin is an adventurous eater, devouring everything from twigs outside to cantaloupes he stole from the kitchen while counter surfing. 

Amy Jensen is the author of the Chuckie the Chocolate Lab book series, which feature her dog, Chuckie the Chocolate Lab. Keep up with Norvin’s adventures on Instagram: @Chuckie_The_Chocolate_Lab_. Learn more about Cold Nose Warm Heart Dog Rescue at ColdNoseWarmHeart.org.

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